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Never seen before, a guide, a behind the scenes of our journey to 1 mio profit in 2025. With full transparency on our missteps and successes. The biggest challenge and a nonnegotiable condition: working 2-4 hours a day max.


No one knows if we will succeed, but we know we will and otherwise it was a hell of a ride.

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  • You understand that to live a free life a lifestyle you desire, financial freedom is and always will be one of the essential pillars (next to mind, body, spirit and society).

  • You understand that mindset and taking action is already 90% of the journey towards financial freedom.

  • You want to be inspired by keeping things simple, practical, and to the point, but also understand the value of spirituality.

  • You are into online coaching/services, content creation or boutique resorts - important as we discuss only what we do in our online coaching business, media company and luxury boutique resort (opens in 2027).



  • You aim to become one of our dream one-on-one clients.

" Your income right now is a result of your standards, it is not the industry, it is not the economy

- Tony Robbins


A weekly podcast where we share our strategies and actions on marketing and sales within our businesses:

  • online coaching

  • media company, and

  • luxury boutique resort


With a connected, empowering, and thriving community.

Every week we have a little spotlight discussion, examples: our view on branding, selling with ease, always being allowed to start over, fiscal structures, DISC profiling, reverse engineering, etc.


It is a practical, raw, fun, and insightful podcast that, at the same time, motivates and brings you into action. 


Weekly inspiration is guaranteed!


Curious and in need of a little taste before your jump in? Listen to our first 4 episodes and see some of the reactions we got (and as with everything, we get better every week).

Sign up below to get access to the first 4 episodes


€ 2..112 for lifetime access, click here

or € 111 per month, click here


both ex VAT


For a how-to-guide to 1 mio profit not bad ;) no guarantees 


PS sometimes we have an offer of € 550, never know when or how long, but if you don’t want to miss it - get on THE LIST.


PPS existing clients and those that listened to our 4 episodes have a better deal.

PPPS and you will get your investment back when you become a one-on-one client, as this is only for those that dream about becoming one, so the price doesn't matter :)


Except when you are struggling with your cash flow of course (been there, just keep pushing, you got this).

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