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Never seen before, a guide, a behind the scenes of our journey to 1 mio profit in 2025. With full transparency on our missteps and successes. The biggerst challenge and a nonnegotiable condition: working 2-4 hours a day max.


No one knows if we will succeed, but we know we will and otherwise it was a hell of a ride.


Welcome to the 1 Mio Profit Journey 2025, the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of our journey to financial freedom. We're here to share with you our successes, missteps, and everything in between, with full transparency. We're taking on the biggest challenge yet: reaching 1 mio profit in 2025, while working no more than 2-4 hours a day. It's a nonnegotiable condition for us, and we're determined to make it happen.

We can't guarantee success, but we can promise you a hell of a ride. This podcast is for those who understand that financial freedom is an essential pillar of living the lifestyle you desire, alongside mind, body, spirit, and society. We believe that mindset and taking action are the keys to achieving financial freedom, and we'll be sharing our practical and to-the-point approach, with a touch of spirituality.

We'll be focusing on our online coaching business, media company, and luxury boutique resort (opening in 2027), and sharing our tips and tricks for success in these industries. So, if you're into online coaching/services, content creation, or boutique resorts, this podcast is for you.

And if you're aiming to become one of our dream one-on-one clients, then you're in the right place. We're looking for individuals who are driven to succeed and are ready to take action towards achieving their financial goals. So, join us on this journey to financial freedom, and let's make it happen together.

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  • You understand that to live a free life a lifestyle you desire, financial freedom is and always will be one of the essential pillars (next to mind, body, spirit and society).

  • You understand that mindset and taking action is already 90% of the journey towards financial freedom.

  • You want to be inspired by keeping things simple, practical, and to the point, but also understand the value of spirituality.

  • You are into online coaching/services, content creation or boutique resorts - important as we discuss only what we do in our online coaching business, media company and luxury boutique resort (opens in 2027).



  • You aim to become one of our dream one-on-one clients.

" Your income right now is a result of your standards, it is not the industry, it is not the economy

- Tony Robbins


A weekly podcast where we share our strategies and actions on marketing and sales within our businesses:

  • online coaching

  • media company, and

  • luxury boutique resort


With a connected, empowering, and thriving community.

Every week we have a little spotlight discussion, examples: our view on branding, selling with ease, always being allowed to start over, fiscal structures, DISC profiling, reverse engineering, etc.


It is a practical, raw, fun, and insightful podcast that, at the same time, motivates and brings you into action. 


Weekly inspiration is guaranteed!


Curious and in need of a little taste before you jump in? Listen to our first 4 episodes and see some of the reactions we got (and as with everything, we get better every week).

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"An unvarnished version of the reality of running businesses....the podcast gives me inspiration to test, do and learn."

Tove is a wellknow and incredibly talented and extraordinary business coach, podcaster and author in Norway. One of the best in her country. She joined FREEDOM & 1 MIO PROFIT JOURNEY 2025 in 2022, and THRIVE in 2023.


"This is the most hones and raw combination of rational business leadership, spiritual flow and life. Very insightful for everyone who wants to step into an entrepreneurial life one day or think about it!"

Stephanie is an amazing coach the best in her niche of guiding managers through leadership and emotions on the workplace. She joined FREEDOM & 1 MIO PROFIT JOURNEY 2025 in 2022, and THRIVE in 2023.


€ 1.888 for lifetime access, click here

or pay in 2, 3 or 6 installments.


For a how-to-guide to 1 mio profit not bad ;) no guarantees 


PS Sometimes we have an offer of € 1.500, never know when or how long, but if you don’t want to miss it - get on THE LIST.

PPS existing clients and those who listened to our 4 episodes have a special deal.

PPPS and you will get your investment back when you become a one-on-one client or THRIVE, as this is only for those that dream about becoming one, so the price doesn't matter :)


Except when you are struggling with your cash flow, of course (been there, keep pushing, you got this).

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