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where business meets spirituality


Stephanie Orth 
certified business coach & CEO Shaping Open Minds

"I honestly did not know what to expect from the 1 mio profit journey. But this is the most honest and raw combination of rational business leadership, spiritual flow and life. Very insightful for everyone who wants to step into an entrepreneurial life one day or think about it!"


Tove Heggdal Ingulfsvann
business consultant & CEO Meningsskaping

"An unvarnished version of the reality of running businesses. About everything from tax to relationships in business. The human thing that things take longer than we want, but also that we have to live along the way. The podcast gives me inspiration to test, do, and learn. Often something falls into place eventually as a result of something they talked about on the podcast. I like the way they manage to balance, in a real way, that profit is important but in a real way. Difficult to explain. But not just profit-journey for the sake of the money itself, but to create something for you and others. Packed full of tips and tricks. Requires notebook! I usually listen to each episode several times 🙏🏼"

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