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Feel the Breeze x Ancora Health

insights about your healthy lifestyle
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Our world is home to nearly 8 billion people – yet no two of us are exactly the same. Everyone’s DNA and environment are different, and each of us has different personal challenges and goals in life.

To truly reflect you and your health, Ancora delivers personalized insights and actions based on detailed measurements of your blood, urine, body, plus genetic and lifestyle factors. Their science is tailored to you.

We are very proud of this start-up that has the ambition to change all our perspectives on health with lasting change in lifestyle. Our story began actually on the Perfect Sense with one of their founders and board of directors members as guests before Ancora even existed. We had the privileged to guide and help them out before and in the beginning of setting op Ancora.

We became good friends, better said family, and recently made our partnership official with us becoming their brand ambassadors and having shares in the company.

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