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Feel the Breeze | brand deals


One way of creating an income stream is becoming a brand ambassador. We are so called micro influencers and receive a lot of offers from brands. But, we only cooperate with brands we truly believe in and fit perfectly with our core values.




We decide our content and we are very open & transparent about our findings of the products. We always make a deal for our followers and something extra for our Patreon members where possible.


We do things a little different and are always very open, so as with our brand deals. Here you can find the current brands we are working with. The deals range from sponsored products in return for graphic material to referral fees. Instead of being secretly about these deals and just earn money of it as some influencers do, we choose to be open about it and share our referral fees with our followers and Patreon members - because you make all of this possible.

Click the brand to read more and scroll down to see what the plus side is for you.

For brands who would like to work with us, please contact us on:

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