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Get OUT OF THAT OFFICE and get clarity, redesign your life and make your desired lifestyle a reality.

You always wanted to have a more balanced life, a life that is in line with your desires, a life that is about more than being successful in your career, business, or finances.

A life filled with being free, free to do what you want, but also free from your inner limiting and disempowering thoughts.

A life with more balance and less stress, A life filled with more of the things you enjoy, and less of those that drain your energy. A life where your income is built around and to support your desired lifestyle instead of the other way around.

To create a mindset that allows you to experience life to the fullest, to accept duality and thrive with the positive and the negative, to truly master your mind in a way that circumstances don't matter but state of being matters, to truly grasp, understand and master the art of life.

To become a life artist

This is what our FREEDOM program is all about.


It is one of the most extensive life design programs that is currently on the market. It is focused on creating freedom on all levels & the lifestyle you desire in all facets. Freedom of the mind, spirit, society, body, and finances.


In total, 6 months of guidance starting on November 1st, one theme, and one module per month - redesigning your life to the one you truly desire.


For employees, freelancers, and small business owners that want to redefine their success to all facets of life and increase the quality of their lives drastically, that long for a sense of freedom and feeling alive every day.

For the FREEDOM seekers.

Indulge yourself with our themed videos and short descriptions, and decide if you will join 209+ individuals that went before you.


"The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he's always doing both."

- James A. Michener


You see more and more people around you and on social media living their dream lives, creating different ways of income, and doing what they love. They live a free life and work on their inner selves.

Although sometimes it feels like the majority lives like this, it is still a tiny part of the world population. Most people are stuck in their jobs or working primarily in their businesses. And to be honest, we don't believe it is anyone's purpose to work in the office 8 hours or that this contributes to a better world.

We are convinced that in the coming decades, more and more individuals will CHOOSE to live a balanced life and a life they desire.

Not when they retire, sell their company, or win the lottery, but NOW.


Not a life that is ego-driven, as some think it is, but purpose-driven. They choose to spend less time in an office and more with family, friends, and those in need. They choose to have a life filled with meaning every day, to see all the facets in their lives not as individual pillars but as communicating sources for living a beautiful life.

Time to make sure you will become one of those people.

And there come the 'buts'


  • I have no idea what I want or where to start

  • We can't have it all

  • Sometimes you have to be satisfied with what you have

  • I have children, so I can't do what I want

  • I'm not that courageous to live a life like that

  • I miss the skills or money

  • I don't deserve it

  • it is just not meant for me

  • it is selfish to choose for my desired life

  • If I work hard enough, everything will work out in the end


If you have one of these thoughts or have that feeling you want to get more out of life, it is time to join us in our Mentor Program.

These 'buts' aren't a reality, but just a story you are telling yourself. In our program, we will not only make sure you get absolute clarity on your desires, but also how to achieve that life you deeply desire.

Let's make sure you have monthly transformations and breakthroughs that will alter your life positively toward your desires within 6 months or less.



We have coached dozens of individuals and helped 100+ people change their lives with our online programs, courses, and mentor program.


And we are going to help you too.

Just as you got to know us: 100% transparency about our mistakes, learnings, life hacks, and entrepreneurial & life art skills. We will guide you for 6 months and share exactly how we created the life we desire, built our income streams around our lifestyle, and other alternative approaches.

Because there are always different roads that lead to Rome.

Our focus: Learn you how the mind works and how you can train yourself to create the right mindset, and break through limiting beliefs and disempowering habits.


How to create a life that inspires you and the ones around you, how you can be of service to yourself and others, and how to redefine success, and build your income around your desired lifestyle.

We will motivate you for 6 months just TO TAKE ACTION, don't hesitate or doubt. Start with changing your life with our guidance.

The top 10 results of our 6 months program

✓ drastically increased quality of your life + living a beautiful life as of now
✓ absolute clarity about your truest desires in life and how to get there


✓ clear & focused 12 months plan to reach that desired lifestyle
✓ insight into the costs of your desired life and what you would need to earn per desired working hour (biggest eye-opener)


✓ a (re)ignited & further developed entrepreneurial spirit - always able to earn money and see possibilities
✓ 1-3 extra sources of income next to your current job or business


✓ extensive 'toolbox' filled with practical, science-proofed, and experienced-based tips & tricks to build a great mindset
✓a personal strategy to overcome adversity and setback (so important and life-changing - emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom)


✓ more focus, time, energy & money in your life
✓ extended network all around the world - this is priceless - our network is THE biggest part in making the impossible possible

Why wait?
Bring your life to the next level!

Ready to step into that transformed version of yourself that reaches your desired life in all its facets? The program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't get the desired results.

Course Material

  • 6 months weekly Online video's filled with knowledge, tips & tricks from Rianne, 7+ hours in total (€2.999)

  • an exclusive community (1 year) (€599)

  • several e-books & workbooks (€ 800)



  • 6 in-depth live sessions of 1,5 hours &

  • 18 weekly group coaching sessions

  • total value of € 14.000

  • exclusive discount on our one-on-one coaching sessions

  • access to our 'ignite your entrepreneurial spirit' program



  • We now have special bonuses for those that joined the waitlist, so don't wait and find out.


our first REVIEW in 2020

"I didn’t expect this at all, but the week after my first live session with Gerben & Rianne I already could notice significant changes in my life. I was able to be more conscious, experience a lot more joy, and was able to not let a very challenging assignment in my job change my positive vibe and mindset. I even took the challenge head-on!"

Patrick W. - Australia (Captian in the army) 🇦🇺


Patrick joined us in 2020 in FREEDOM, 2021 our first FLOURISH client,

and this year 2023 in THRIVE

48 client reviews

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Are you ready to change your life?

Newsletter July Feel the Breeze.jpeg
  • you know that there is more to life than a 9-5 office job or business

  • you want to live a life based on freedom

  • you either feel drained, stuck, or optimistic about your current life, but it is not (yet) in line with your truest and deepest desires

  • you realize that freedom and time are the most significant assets in life, and

  • you are ready to create an unconventional, out of the, ordinary extraordinary lifestyle


You want to create a life that inspires you and the ones around you, and be of service to yourself and others, redefine success, and build your income around your desired lifestyle.


Stephanie Orth 

certified business coach & CEO Shaping Open Minds - FREEDOM 2022

"It was a catalyst for my personal development! I don’t think that this kind of growth would have been possible in 6 months or even a year without the program. Through connection with like minded people who are at a similar point in their life, I gave myself „permission“ to really explore what I want. Without the boundaries that society or your surrounding teaches you. This was the most freedom I felt in a very long time. This freedom allowed me to have the courage to this about entrepreneurship again and join THRIVE."

Copy of IMG_0543-2_edited_edited.jpg

But there are so many lifestyle programs & coaches

That is right and in the basic lifestyle and business design is 80% about mindset - how our minds work. And that is everywhere the same. But what makes our program unique is...

that we focus on redefining success, and it is filled with our own unique experiences (surviving cancer, coming back from bankruptcy, overcoming depression to living the life we desire), knowledge, and energy.

We have designed it in such a way that it will give you precisely what you need right now.

We combine journalling, in-depth exercise, meditations, group coaching, live sessions, and knowledge sharing in a course format altogether. It is one of the most extensive lifestyle design programs out there.

This unique design will bring for some, one or more transformations with every module. For others, 2 or 3 modules will already make the ultimate difference.

That is why the replays of sessions are available, and you will get 12 months of full access. This makes that you can follow the program at your own time and pace in life.

And not to will get access to all the knowledge we gained from a lot of books, programs, and great experts like Tony Robbins - thousands and thousands of euros of insight and knowledge just for a fraction of the price. 

This is why having a mentor & community is amazing

✓ you are kept accountable (no escaping or getting caught up in your daily life)

✓ your growth will accelerate, and you are surrounded by like-minded and supportive individuals (extremely important to keep you motivated and take those less ordinary decisions)

✓ you gain valuable insights, knowledge, and tips & tricks

✓ and have guidance and inspiration with going through transformations that can be extremely tough

✓ your network will expand, which is extremely valuable in so many ways

✓ in short, chances of success will multiply


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The Basics of Life Design - knowledge, tools & insights you need to have.

Module 1 | Change - Dive headfirst into the concept of change and the art of embracing transformation. Discover how to break free from old patterns, unlock your potential, and embrace the journey of personal growth. Navigate the winds of change with grace and openness, setting the stage for a life that aligns with your deepest desires.

  • Unlock the Power Within: Two Life-Changing Meditations

  • In-Depth Life Mapping: Identifying Gaps and Paving the Way Forward

  • The Path to Liberation: 3 Ways to End Suffering and Embrace Accountability

  • Reprogramming Your Mind: Changing Primary Conditioning and Habitual Circles

  • Unraveling Human Needs: Analyzing Dominant Needs and Their Impact