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FEEL THE BREEZE | Feminine mastermind

growing together financially with feminine divine energy

An exclusive group of women, brought together to share, learn and discover how to reach more financial success and expand their wealth with feminine energy. A sisterhood in its purest form without suppression from the masculine,

A tribe of conscious women that know that together and from feminine divine energy they will thrive more and will achieve greatness together.


Established in 2021 - only on invitation.




We are the kind of woman who understands that our businesses don’t define who we are. That our greatest achievement is knowing ourselves and our unique feminine strengths. That femininity is and takes pride in true womanhood. That we don't hide behind our CV, medals, and degrees. We don't run up the entrepreneurial ladder just to prove them all wrong.


We are the kind of a woman who knows better. Who knows deeper. Who knows that there is more. More truth, more power, more joy in our feminine divine being.


We define and design “the top” for ourselves and trusts that we will get there.

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/What do we do

We combine our network, knowledge, and skills to grow together, we conduct monthly virtual meetings, and share investment and business opportunities, we help each other grow by sharing our unique skills and knowledge unconditionally from our strong foundation of love, and abundance.

We come together for several days and immerse ourselves in exclusive spiritual activities and different cultures to further grow and deepen our feminine divine energy while we expand our financial and entrepreneurial knowledge.

We raise our financial standards, every year, and it is our combined goal to reach these new financial standards together or not at all.


/Feminine energy

Feminine energy is power. The feminine essence is flow. It is fullness. It is radiance and it is life force itself. It is an instinctual wild nature that all women possess. It is the unexplainable knowing. It is chaos and wilderness.


Like the ocean, it is vast, it fills empty spaces, it purifies darkness, it is home to a diversity of life. Like the waves, it’s in a constant dance with itself and goes up and down all the time.

It is not doing. It is being. The feminine state is a state of constant play that wants to surrender and be conquered in order to escape again. It wants to dance in ecstasy and be taken by the masculine.

/agenda 2023

Our first year together, our year of origin, the year of setting the first standard, and creating from flow.

  • Access to an online exclusive membership platform designed to share knowledge, insights, and feminine energy in an easy and insightful way

  • Monthly virtual group calls

  • 5 days and 4 nights luxurious event on a very exclusive location in Ibiza

  • Cacao ceremony (Ibiza)

  • Breathwork session (Ibiza)

  • Healing foods (Ibiza)

  • Yoga lessons (Ibiza)

  • spiritual rituals (Ibiza)

  • A special financial mastermind session by a well-known expert (Ibiza)

  • 3 virtual in-depth masterclasses

Contribution: 12.000 EUR ex VAT (can be paid in installments) which will be earned back multiplied by the outcome of joining the mastermind.

Next year 2024

Raising standards financially x2 - the contribution and financial position of each member

3 events (art indulge in Azulik, Tulum Mexico, South Africa Safari & a thousand stars journey towards Marokko).


You can only join by invitation, and the core purpose is that you bring value spiritually and financially. Our focus is on giving and creating great success together.

We believe in flow, Wu Wei the beautiful Taoist principle and the essence of femininity, so no obligations!


If you have a business or investment opportunity, you can't wait to share it with your mastermind. If you gained great spiritual insights, we are here to receive and transform with you. If you want to brainstorm, need help, or support, we are here unconditionally. 


We share all we have to give because we know that women who come together and create together can and will achieve greatness.

If you are interested, you can make this know to us here.

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