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Feel the Breeze x Finsulate

finsulate product.jpg

We have been searching for an anti-fouling that is good for the environment for quite a while. With our research we came to the Dutch invention Finsulate. It is a wrap that uses the technics of sea urchins.

The product is quite new, there are a couple of hundred boats in the waters now and just recently one came out after 5 years and the anti-fouling was still in good condition.

Compared to paints and copper coating that leak toxics and micro and nano plastics in the oceans we were eager to test this quite new invention. With this anti-fouling we will reduce the growth of organism and we should be able to remove the ones that do settle quite easily. We didn't get sponsored but we do have a referral deal - for which we decided to share our commision with our Patreon members discount 10% (for Patreon click here).

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