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Start November 1st - 6 months

Get OUT OF THAT OFFICE and get clarity, redesign your life, and make your desired lifestyle a reality.

For the LIFE ARTIST - the FREEDOM seekers

✔️ Elevating your mindset, to the point that circumstances don't matter

✔️ Increasing the quality of your life in every facet

✔️ Absolute clarity on your desires in life and a tangible plan on how to get there

✔️ Inspiration on how YOU can get free from the rat race and live life on your terms


We only accept PAYMENT via bank transfer at this moment. Fill in your details and you will receive the invoice within 2 days in your mailbox. Outside Montenegro, we do not calculate any VAT




€ 2.222 ex VAT - 50 spots

  • course modules - 7+ hours video inspiration & workbooks with transformational exercises 

  • 6 live in-depth sessions R&G - 1,5 hour per session

  • 18 accountability sessions with FtB alumni

  • community

  • lifetime access to FREEDOM the Replay 2022

Perfect for you if you are an employee, or retired or are on a sabbatical in need of: creating a better mindset, getting absolute clarity about your desired lifestyle, drastically increasing the quality of your life and finding a group of like-minded individuals to inspire and uplift you, to support you, to call your friends soon.​



€ 3.333 ex VAT - 40 spots

  • everything from the program​

  • 18 group coaching  sessions with FtB coach

  • our 5 fundamental masterclasses

  • 6 months of access IYES

  • limited online access to the in-person event

Created for those that want the same but also are ready to start a side hustle next to their jobs or want to step into fully or just stepped into the entrepreneurial arena as a business owner and make absolutely sure that this is in line with and supports their desired lifestyle (and to get results a lot faster then on your own)​



€ 11.111 ex VAT - 10 spots

  • everything from extensive

  • group coaching from R&G (instead of FtB coach)

  • access to 'our 1 mio profit 2025 journey' private podcast

  • 4-day life-changing, transformational, and once-in-a-lifetime exclusive in-person event (first weekend of May)

The real deal for freelancers and entrepreneurs, intense guidance from Rianne and Gerben to exponentially accelerate your growth in all facets of life and to create a thriving business and lifestyle inline with your desires. A unique group of entrepreneurs to grow your network with. This is for those that will go all the way, commit and want breaking transformations every week.​

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