"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is the language of the soul. Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled."


We love to inspire others and to tell our story and lessons learned. In our lives there are 4 topics that keep on appearing and where we have read, learned and experienced a lot about: start-ups, inner & female leadership, failure & success and alternative lifestyle. These topics are literly woven into our lives in many different ways, which we love to inspire, teach and talk about.

Our topics



Starting up a company is most of the time like launching a rocket into orbit. Imaging the power you need for take off to get off the ground and enjoy the ride. Starting companies is Gerben's second nature, he founded his first company at the age of 14 with his newspaper districts and a team of three newspaper boys. After his study he got involved with several companies. All connected to disruptive business models in the field of technology. He sold one after two years for millions and later, went bankrupt with another. 

Gerben speaks about his story and all the experiences he gained about start-ups, making the impossible possible, creating high performing and winning teams, remarkable marketing campaigns, funding and buy out rounds with investors, etcetera. His talks are full with anekdotes and fact based examples and they ignite your entrepreneurial instincts and leave you energised.

inner & female leadership

'The future is female' is a sentence we hear a lot these days. For us this means that the world is in need of more feminine leadership to balance the masculine. In the end it is all about inner leadership & balance. Topics Rianne experienced, read and coaches a lot about. Life changing decisions and exploring, challenging and rediscovering her inner voice, to strive for personal growth are her passion. Her stories about these topics are full with examples she experienced in her life and the women in different positions she met and interviewed for and during her coachings programs.

failure & success

The upside and the downside of taking financial risk are two opposites we experienced both. From selling a company and making millions to bankruptcy and losing everything. And when we talk about everything it's not only all the money but also your mental health. That's what happened to Gerben and impacted Rianne in so many ways when one of his companies went bankrupt early 2017. It effected our relationship, friends and family, our state of mind and our inner core. At his lowest point Gerben even preferred a round of chemo (and he knows what that's like because of the cancer he had almost 15 years ago) than going trough all of this again. 

What we discovered was that in the United States there is this almost sadomasochistic belief that it is OK to fail, not only OK but a right of passage where in the Netherlands it is NOT OK to fail and it is very hard to comeback from what we experienced. Imagine the intense fear of failing again and the impact it has on people and new initiatives. Not to mention what it does to your reputation and confidence. That's our experience exactly and to be honest, we are not there yet but every day we take a step forward and we are finally at a stage that we are talking about it openly.


We actually prefer sharing this story above the others despite the fact that it is still very painful for us. We want to give people hope who are in a similar situation that there is going to be a moment in time that they will realise that that day was better than yesterday, to talk about how to overcome though situations and to stand by and support your partner trough it all, to share our missteps and how to avoid them, but also to change the ethos around bankruptcy, failing, to make this subject more open to discussion and hopefully by giving people insights in what it means to go bankrupt and to raise more awareness and sympathy. There are so many honest and kind people that go bankrupt and definitely aren't frauds, they just made some bad decisions or simply experienced bad luck.

alternative lifestyle

After years of bold and life changing decisions, all based on discovering and designing our lives around our core values, dreams and ambitions, we have become almost experts on this topic. By sharing our decisions and our current lifestyle: living on a sailing boat and exploring the world without a packed bank account and raising awareness for Mother Earth and all her natural wonders of the world before they disappear like the coral in the ocean, we hope to inspire others to live their lives with more meaning. This is also what we try by raising our son without daycare, showing him different cultures and languages and use as much natural ingredients as we can find to live our life.

“Life gives us a flair of awareness in the breeze of our daily journey and offers a free reign to explore what we are, to experience what we are not and to find out what we may become: a free ride until everything melts down into the indistinct and indefinite, while walking up to the ultimate gate of non-existence. ("Living on probation")” 


Reviews & bookings

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— Fokkelien Boorsma, Marketing manager

"Rianne is a great inspirator. The dedication and passion that Rianne shows and let you feel during a seminar about female leadership and making an unforgettable first impression gives you an energy boost. 'That's what I want', is the first thing you think about."

inspiration sessions

Every Friday morning you can book an online inspiration session  with the both of us. During this session you can ask us anything about our lifestyle or one of the other topics. Our knowledge, experience and network are at your service. How you would want to spent the time with us, is totally up to you. We would love to inspire and help you to reach your goals.

You can reserve your spot here and afterwards you will receive an email with questions to answer upfront. This way we can prepare your session and use the time efficiently and aim for the best result.

You can book a spot of 90 min with the both of us for EUR 500,-.


If you are looking for authentic, bold and experience based speakers, we would love to be part of your event. We have stories for days and are storytellers by heart. We receive bookings for events, seminars and corporate activities. Next to this we get asked for guest lectures at universities and colleges. Our rate starts at EUR 1250,-- and our talks usually take 45/60 minutes and will be tailor made for your event.   

looking forward to

meet you!

Rianne & Gerben

PS: don't hesitate to claim a spot in our agenda for a free get to know each other interview. 

one-on-one coaching

Every year we have 5 spots each available for our one-on-one coaching program. Depending on your goals, our rates start at EUR 5.000,- per program.  If you are interested, contact us.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

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