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FEEL THE BREEZE | Membership

thriving together to achieve a life we all dream about

" You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with."

- Jim Rohn

We started a membership for our fans, those who want to support our production & for those who want to create a better and thriving life for themselves. If our videos, newsletters, posts, in someway resonate with you, then our membership could be a great fit. We share behind the scenes stories, surprise live sessions, in-depth knowledge, insights & life lessons. 




We created a membership with a corresponding exclusive community to connect further with you, our supporters, viewers and fans. The membership payment is hosted via Patreon.


In general we resonate with two kind of viewers, the ones that want to support our production and get in return some extra perks, and the ones that are inspired by our lifestyle and our history and want to create a similar life for themselves and their families. And this doesn't mean living on a boat, but far more creating the life that you dream about. 


We truly believe if more of us live a life we desire, a thriving one, the world will be a better place.

We have two levels within our membership:

They both have exclusive areas in our community. Within our community we also have free access areas which you can join here.

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/Friends of the Family

This membership creates the opportunity to support our production on a very low level and in a fun way. This gives us the possibility to further connect with you and give you some extra perks as a big thank you for supporting us.



The memberships starts at just € 3,- ex VAT per creation per month. You can maximize the amount of creations you would like to support.

Read more in detail how everything works here.

  • Early access YouTube video’s 

  • Ad-free during early access

  • Access to exclusive area of FtB community on Circle

  • Surprise FtB live Sunsets

  • 5% discount on FtB Merchandise

Friends of the Family
/Feel the Breeze Mastermind

This membership is all about sharing our knowledge and from those whom we meet along our adventures in a fun and accessible way - during our monthly live mastermind sessions and in the community.



The membership starts at just € 15,- ex VAT per creation per month. You can maximize the amount of creations you would like to support.

Read more about the mastermind sessions here and how everything works here.

  • everything from Friends of the Family

  • exclusive access to Mastermind area in the Feel the Breeze community

  • 1,5 hour live in-depth monthly sessions

  • free access archive mastermind sessions

  • discount on our online courses and mentor programs 

FtB Mastermind
/the Mastermind sessions

Every month we select a theme that we discuss in-depth during a live Zoom session. We will share our knowledge, tips & tricks, tools, books to read, YouTube channels to watch, and other valuable insight. Next to that, we have surprise guests speakers a couple of times a year.


The subjects vary from building an online brand, overcoming your limiting beliefs and patterns to starting your own business (see agenda for 2022 here).

The live session will take place on the 15th of the month via Zoom:

  • start with 15-30 minutes catching up

  • 30-45 minutes masterclass

  • 15-30 minutes discussing & answering in-depth questions 

If you don't want a membership but do want to join

a mastermind you can have one-time access to this month here, and a select selection of the session becomes available the month after for € 15,- ex VAT. You won't have the opportunity to ask questions or continue the discussion in the community afterward - for that you have to join the mastermind membership.


Our Mastermind members have free access to all the workshops (the archive of our mastermind sessions).

The mastermind
/Mastermind agenda 2022
  • January - The invoice of your dream life

  • February - How to overcome criticism and create a strong internal beliefs system

  • March - All the ins & outs of running a YouTube channel

  • April - Financial abundance

  • May - Redefine success

  • June - The art of manifesting and the power of the universe

  • July - How to build a strong business foundation around your dream life

  • August - The importance of Masculine and Feminine energy

  • September - How to overcome and thrive after setback

  • October - Taking life-changing decisions - our map & process

  • November - xxxx

  • December - Creating multiple income streams

/Mastermind archive

Below is an overview of all the previous mastermind sessions, a selection we transformed into workshops accessible for just € 15,- ex VAT the others are only available in the mastermind archive membership.

Mastermind Agenda
/Reviews from members

If you have dreams and they are not your reality today, it means that you are limiting yourself. Most of the time we aren't aware of our inner limits - beliefs and patterns. If we want to create the life we desire, we have to understand and breakthrough those inner limits and replace them with empowering ones.

- Rianne Hottinga

How it Works

On Patreon is where you choice your membership: tier 'Friends of the Family' or 'Feel the Breeze Mastermind'. After that you need to decide how many creations per month you would like to support - you can maximise this to one or support every video we create.

Depending on if you already have a Patreon account, you will be asked to create one and select a payment method. Most people choose credit card or PayPal.

After that with the next early access video Patreon will charge you, they calculate the price and the amount of VAT.

Basically we use Patreon as a payment method for our membership.

After you signed up with Patreon you will get an automated email with an invite to join our community on circle. There you need to create another account, or signing in with your Facebook account. 

For now we can't connect Patreon to Circle so you need to have two accounts (we are working on this).

After you accepted the invite for our community and created an account, you get instant access to the exclusive areas.

In Patreon we share early access to videos and links to live sessions.

In our Community we share these as well, but next to that you can find a lot more information, from regular updates, to knowledge library and extra behind the scenes material. This is also where all our members share their knowledge, discuss, support each other and share our wins.

So the community is in the end where all our platforms comes togehter and where you can find everything concerning your membership.

If you don't get an automated invite, we love to help. Just send us an email or message, and we will make everything in order.

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