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Feel the Breeze | online course


Most of us want an extraordinary life - but just think we can't have it all, are stuck, or have no idea where to start and settle for the ordinary. But let's be honest, if others can create such a lifestyle, why shouldn't you be able to do it?

And YES C*rona is challenging for all of us and it seems that you have no control, but the opposite is reality. We decide YOU decide how it will affect your life!

We are convinced that almost anyone can build their work or passion around their most preferred lifestyle, that life that you always dreamt about.


To live with passion and purpose every day, to be successful, spiritually and financially, to just live and not be lived, to take life not for granted, and to know that no matter what happens you can create your reality, your extraordinary life.

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Wheel of Live

Map all the important areas of your life at once & identify where you are thriving and where there is room for improvement.

Visualization meditation

Visualization is an essential part of realizing your best life. It is one of the basics of the law of attraction & manifestation.

Weekly reflection

Creating more awareness is at the heart of any transformation or breakthrough. Reflect & ask the right questions.

PATRICK | online experience #ModernLifestyle

"I didn’t expect this at all, but the week after my first live session with Gerben & Rianne I already could notice significant changes in my life. I was able to be more conscious, experiencing a lot more joy, and was able to not let a very challenging assignment in my job change my positive vibe and mindset. I even took the challenge head-on!"

Patrick W. - Australia 🇦🇺 
Participant of #ModernLifestyle

Have you ever thought about what your best life would look like? And have you ever considered you could have greatness in every facet (relationships, career/business, health/condition, contribution, finances, etc.) of your life? That you don't have to or want to settle for the ordinary or limit your success to climbing the career ladder? That you could have more freedom and financial independence next to your job or business? That a life full of traveling, or living in the mountains off the grid or on that amazing exotic island or in the countryside or just a life with more time for your family and friends could be possible? That that life you secretly dream about actually could become a reality? And that even with C*rona you can create that life on your terms?

I, Rianne, remember exactly when I came to realize that there should be so much more possible than feeling successful and climbing the career ladder, that I could have greatness in every facet of my life and actually could do what I would want to do most. It was in my 29th year on this amazing planet. I went through this life-changing coaching program with one of the best institutes in the Netherlands 'De Baak'. And you probably wouldn't believe it, but my breakthrough moment happened when I was sitting for 24 hours alone on a mountain with only a tarp and a bottle of water - totally disconnect from my corporate world. It was there and then that I came to the realization that life is all about creation and that we actually create everything two times. First time in our imagination and the second time in real life. Without the first, the second will never happen.

This was the moment that I wanted to discover what my best life would be like and I wanted to learn everything about mindset, creating your reality, the law of manifestation, and what makes it that one person can create their dream life and the other can't. And I found so many answers and so many more questions, but in the end, it comes down to this. For creating success - if it is in every facet of your life or just in your business or your career - that 80% is psychology and 20% is about being smart and having the right system in place.


 Gerben and I created our best life in the worst moment of our lives - the bankruptcy of Gerben's dream, company (read this blog post if you want to know more). And we didn't let C*rona stop us or put our lives on hold, we pivoted and made the best out of the situation and even got to do a road trip we both always dreamt about. And in the end, it wasn't the means or that we were lucky. it was our mindset that made it all possible.


Everything we have learned from great mentors like Tony Robbins (the greatest business & life coach of these times) and from life itself we combined in this special online experience. It is designed for you, the ones that want more from life and won't settle for less or ordinary, The experience is designed to inspire and enable you to create your work (and passion) around your most preferred lifestyle instead of the other way around. To create your best life no matter what others might think, a more fulfilling life and with more success - spiritually and financially - than by just climbing the (corporate) career ladder or working all around the clock to realize and expand your dream company. 


We all have dreams for life, even though sometimes they aren't that clear, or we don't dare to dream about them or we think we shouldn't complain. And we have those goals that once when we have reached that promotion or gained financial independence we will finally get the time to do them. But, let's be honest....how many people actually get clarity or come to that point, reach that moment and start to live their best life? That number of people is significantly small - and it is our mission to raise that number exponentially, to help you start living your best life right now, get absolute clarity, breakthrough limiting beliefs, resistance of friends and family, and realize your dreams rather sooner than later.

If you are fully committed to this online experience - 6 modules spread over 6 weeks with 3 months of access - you will improve the quality of your life significantly, not in a year or so, but right when you start with your first module. We won't say it will be easy, but if you put in the work, you will definitely get results. You will create your work or passion around your most preferred lifestyle, your best life.

You will transform, improve and strengthen your mindset and be able to start creating that life you always dreamt about. And not necessarily like us by doing a big U-turn - it is possible we will show you that as well - but first we show and motivate you in how you can do it next to your job or your business at this moment, not tomorrow, not in a week or in a year, but right NOW - no matter what the circumstances are (not even COVID will stop you). 


Price € 254,- ex VAT​

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What can you expect

6 video modules full of valuable tips, insights and examples on different in-depth subjects with corresponding challenges & an ebook.


3 meditation sessions especially designed for this program to increase your results and insights, to boost your journey towards your best life.

Live Q&A to answer all your questions, to share stories and results and to even get more value from this 6 weeks program - need to sign up before: May 8, 2021.

And the best part - by joining, you are not only doing yourself a big favor but also the environment and children who don't have the privilege of being born in a safe environment, read more here.

After you joined you have immediate access to module 1. After that every week a new module will come available and depending on how dedicated you are the time spent is between 4-10 hours per module. We advise you to reserve your Sunday morning or afternoon to fully commit to the module and the challenges.


From the moment you have access to the first module and up until 3 months afterward, you have the time to (re)watch the modules. So within these 3 months you can follow the program at your own time and pace.


Rianne her passion for mindset and personal growth was ignited during her youth seeing her father struggle with depressions for years. The question why are some happy with having almost nothing and some with having it all feeling miserable - guided her on an amazing journey of self discovery and transformations.


She read hundreds of books and took a deep dive into meditation, breath-work and mindset. She learned from the best institutes in the Netherlands and the greatest business & life coach of these times - Tony Robbins.

Rianne is an experience based expert in mindset, personal growth and making dreams become a reality. Quite regularly she turned her life around to experience and find her passions for life and realize her dream life.


Next to her entrepreneurial sense to have a vision and be extremely creative with business models and passive income streams, she is the driving force of building the Feel the Breeze brand and its business strategy. 

The outcome

Take control over your life. Even in times as we are living in now with C*vid you will be able to live life on your terms, to be free financially and mentally, and create your reality.

  • Get clarity about what your best life is and how to create greatness in every facet of your life

  • Dare to make life-changing decisions no matter what others might think

  • Develop the right mindset of abundance, gratitude and creation and breakthrough limiting beliefs and programs

  • Become a master of the tools for creating your reality: manifestation, affirmations and incantations

  • Be resilient and know how to thrive with resistance, setback and challenges

  • Get creative and develop different income streams next to your job and or business to become financially more free


Seeing and creating business opportunities is Gerben's talent and conquering any setback is his ultimate skill. At a young age he was confronted with testicular cancer, which ignited his willingness to live and his love for everything in life. He has this unbelievable energy and enthusiasm which are his driving force of making the impossible possible. 


His passion for mindset and personal growth started after the bankrutpcy of his 'dream' company. It was time to reflect, learn lessons and set real steps towards personal growth and this true dream life.


He joined Rianne is this magical journey of personal growth and learned from great mentors like Tony Robbins.

Gerben is an experience based expert in thriving with setback and making dreams become a reality. Next to his talent to change every challenging situation in an opportunity and his highly developed entrepreneurial skills, he is the connector and deal maker behind the Feel the Breeze brand. 


CHANGE | life changing decisions & momentum

  • basics for changing your life: beliefs and patterns

  • how to take life changing decisions 

  • the system & phases you need to go through

  • how to create and seize momentum

  • the obstacles and how to tackle them


MINDSET | establishing the right mindset & dealing with social impact

  • how to create the right mindset

  • social impact & how to handle

  • turn setback & challenges into possibilities & positivity

  • your daily rituals for success

  • the art of manifesting


YOUR STORY | core values & limiting beliefs, how have you programmed yourself

  • discovering your story:

  • full understanding of your limiting beliefs and patterns and how to break through them

  • introduction to the tools to use: affirmations vs incantations, state of mind, focus & physiology


FINANCES | plan your income around your lifestyle

  • discovering the possibilities of creating an income around your dream life

  • basics of building a personal brand

  • passive income

  • protecting & expending your wealth


THE DREAM | designing your most preferred lifestyle & discovering a life with passion & fulfillment

  • (re)discovering your dream life: your passions for life

  • get clarity and learn the power of visualization

  • basics of a successful life: passion, gratitude & purpose

  • creating a mindset based on freedom, abundance and gratitude


TRANSFORMATION | how to create lasting change, core values and beliefs to strive for

  • basics of lasting change

  • discovering your new 'story' and 'values & beliefs' to strive for

  • full plan to implement everything you have learned with clear steps towards your dream life

  • how to implement this with work/business, family & friends

EXCLUSIVE OFFER | Joining the first edition

Join now our 6-week online program and get access to a lot of extra's: extra downloads, and masterclasses on love relationship, nutrition, and a lot more.

And the price will go up in a few weeks....when we added visuals & sound effects to the videos to make them more engaging.


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By joining our online course you are sharing your journey and success towards your dream life with the oceans & children that are less fortunate as you and we are.

Coral Gardeners

For every online course sold we plant a coral with the Coral Gardeners. They repopulate the reef with resilient corals that have proven to survive bleaching events. With joining the course you are also increasing the CO2 reduction and helping the oceans, the reefs and her wildlife thrive. 

Read everything about Coral Gardeners here.

Documentary to watch: Chasing Coral

Feel the Breeze foundation

10% of our profits go to our FtB foundation (in initiation). The sole purpose of this foundation is to help children who aren't in the opportunity as we are to create their dream life. Children who don't have a safe haven and their first life goal is surviving. Every year we select projects that fit our values and mission to give financial support. 

In 2020 we supported Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) who's primary focus is saving children from sex trafficking & sexual exploitation, read more here.

YES - if you have a successful career/business & want more from life

You will gain great insights on how and where you can improve your life and be successful in every facet - to truly live your dream life.

YES - you don't know what your dream life is or you feel stuck

The modules will help you to not only get clarity on what to do but also on how to create a fulfilling life, that extraordinary life. We help you forward, transform & break through and envision your dream life with a clear action plan.

YES - having the dream life & still not feeling as good as you should 

You will gain different perspectives on your dream life and where you experience unbalance so that you will feel great again and keep living the dream life

YES - know what you want but no idea how to realize or afford it

Not only you will get totally clarity about what you want but also about the possibilities of how to get there and afford it. We help you think of creative ways to build an income around your dream life.

YES - feeling you can't have it all or are scared to take those steps

With the modules we focus on creating the right mindset and breaking through limiting beliefs and emotions like 'you can't have it all' or fear. It is designed to give you confidence and clear guidance every step of the way.


Every week you get access to a new module and the corresponding part of the e-book with challenges.


The program is designed in such a way that every week you will build upon the insights and breakthroughs of the week before. We believe transformation works best with time to reflect and process in between.


In total you will have 3 months of unlimited access - this means after module 6 comes accessible you have around 1,5 months left

We host the experience on Teachable, it is a well-known e-learning platform. With buying your ticket, automatically your account gets created with access to the course. 

 After 6 weeks all modules are available, as well as a download link to the full e-book.

You have then around 1,5 months of time left to reflect and work through each module again.

Every module consists out of:

video modules


reflection exercises



We always aim to overdeliver, so we have a lot of extras and surprises within the experience.

And as with all our online courses and masterclasses, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, you will simply get your money back and No questions asked. We believe in the value of our products. The only thing we ask from you is to invoke this warranty within 30 days after access to the first module via writing us an email.

Frequently asked questions

How much time will it take?

Depending on where you are at this moment - already very clear path towards your best life to haven’t even started to think about what your best life is - and how much understanding you already have about personal growth, the time spend will be between 4-10 hours a week with all the modules and challenges we give you. And as with every personal growth program - the more you put into it the more you will get out. In the end you have to do the hard work - there are no short cuts in life.

What makes your program different from others?

We are not going to lie about it or say that we are doing something totally different & special. Our program in the base isn’t that different from all other NLP and personal growth programs, because the theory is in the basic the same everywhere. But what our program makes it unique is our approach and that we actually have all the experiences from real life, the track record to show you and we learned from the best of these times. We truly put whole our hearts and souls in this program, it is full with love, excitement, honesty, pain and happiness, which makes it one of a kind and empowering. If you resonate with us and how we live life and share our insights on our social channels, this program is perfect for you.

Why is your approach unique?

We fully focus on creating the mindset you need to life your best life right NOW and realize all your goals for the future. Because success - if it is financially, in business or in life - is for more than 80% determined by psychology. A skill we mastered and a skill that is a life long journey. So you can follow a course to become financial independent or set up a successful online business or become more resilient, and you make a plan to reach those goals in 4/5 years so you can finally live your best life. To then find out that you have reached success but still don’t feel successful in life. We have met and coached a lot of individuals who had great success in their careers or business but not in their lives. From executive directors from big corporate companies to young entrepreneurs that set up their business and financial success before their 27th birthday or are climbing the corporate career ladder, but still felt lost and unfulfilled. We believe that your best life is NOW and not when you reach (material) goals in x years.

I’ve done already so many programs, so I don’t know if this program will help me?

We are not here to convince, if our webpage and our content on social channels don’t resonate with you and haven’t brought you any insights in your life, you shouldn’t join the program. But if it did, you should join. The online experiences is 10x more than what we share on socials, it is fully designed to reach breakthroughs with lasting change. And if during the first 30 days you aren’t satisfied, you will get your money back, no questions asked. Just send us an e-mail. So you have nothing to lose only everything to win

Do you guys want to be the next Tony Robbins?

Such a beautiful question and the answer is yes and no. He is extremely talented and good at what he does. He helped and transformed thousands of people. We truly love his methods and learned from him in so many ways by reading his books and going to all his events As with everything we do & experience - we implement what works for us and what doesn’t we graciously thank for receiving it. And this is for everyone - what works for you doesn’t have to work for us and visa versa. We don’t believe there is one, we believe there are thousands of ways & methods, we choose for WHAT & WHO resonates with us Tony brought us the understanding of peak state, crushing limiting believes and creating breakthroughs IN JUST DAYS. He showed & learned us the art and difference between affirmations and incantations and how much psychology and fysiologie are connected What we have done and always wil do differently - is SLOWING DOWN and feel, process and thrive. For us it is not only peak state and high energy, but a combination with slowing down and taking the time to reflect. To get a transformation and break through in a day but also a week or more. That is why our online experience takes 6 modules spread over 6 weeks, time to reflect and process in between and to work though it again for 1,5 month after the last module We believe in the power of not only feeling but also working through sorrow, pain and loss, that when you have done the hard work there will be more room for the lessons to learn & to thrive again And for the rest - the theory of personal growth, NLP, is the same almost everywhere, the biggest difference: the kind of energy your mentor will help and guide you and with what you will resonate So YES Tony Robbins is one of our role models but we also have our own energy and experience to bring to the table. Our own uniqueness

How does it work?

Every week you get access to a new module and the corresponding part of the e-book with challenges. The program is designed in such a way that every week you will build upon the insights and breakthroughs of the week before. We believe transformation works best with time to reflect and process in between. In total you will have 3 months of unlimited access - this means after module 6 comes accessible you have around 1,5 months left. We host the experience on Teachable, it is a well-known e-learning platform. With buying your ticket, automatically your account gets created with access to the course. After 6 weeks all modules are available, as well as a download link to the full e-book. You have then around 1,5 months of time left to reflect and work through each module again. Every module consists out of: video modules meditation reflection exercises & challenges We always aim to overdeliver, so we have a lot of extras and surprises within the experience. And as with all our online courses and masterclasses, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you will simply get your money back and No questions asked. We believe in the value of our products. The only thing we ask from you is to invoke this warranty within 30 days after access to the first module via writing us an email.

I have done quite some spiritual work, is the experience valuable to me as well?

We definitely think there is still valuable content within the course dependling on your skills and overall spiritual level. If you are at level 7 or 8 with based on consious levels of Clare W. Graves most modules will be reptitive, except for module 3 & 5 could still be exremely valuable. If you are at level 6 or below, the programm is a great experience soothing to your level of consiousness. So if you do have doen spiritual work, some models probably will be some repetition. But if you keep an open mind and do the challenges anyway, you probably will evenly much gain new insights and transformation as any other.


Join for € 254 ex VAT


You have faith & courage and that is something we truly enjoy, appreciate and reward.


JOIN NOW for this price, price will go up.