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We have always been and probably will always be a little bit different, we consist out of extremes and thrive in change, do crazy things and never take the easy way out. We love the city, especially Amsterdam, and the energy and craziness that it gives us. On the other hand we enjoy going back to basics and being one with nature, especially sailing.


During our lives we have done so many different things to find out what kind of a life suits us. A lot of times we were wrong and you could say that we are specialists at changing course with 180 degrees. To be honest, from the two of us it's Gerben that had a clear view of his life and how he wanted to guide it before his 40th birthday. Rianne just tried everything, her motto: "I always learned so much more about myself and what I truly want by doing so many different things and especially the things that didn't suit me. So let's just try and find out."


The both of us were bullied at a young age and that made us struggle with fitting in. At a certain point in life we just didn't care anymore and accepted who we are. Now, we can say that we are living the lives we want to live. But then again, we might change course again in a couple of years. And that's just fine, this is who we are and what brings us happiness. But we never felt so certain and excited and energised by anything then by the decisions we made in 2018: to totally design our lives around our dreams and ambitions.


Maybe our dreams or ambitions will alter but we found a lifestyle that will never change.

"There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent."


Our core values

* * *

The base of our lifestyle consists out of our core values, which we discuss and challenge at least once a year. This way we find more meaning in our lives and it becomes very clear what is truly important to us both. Our core values are our guidelines & sanity checks when it comes to decision making. And believe us if you will: we really are in need of some sanity. We are very enthusiastic and giving people and because of this we tend to say yes to everyone and everything.

* * *

family & love

Unconditional love for our baby boy, each other and ourselves is our most important core value. We find self-love is at the core of everything. We believe that if we do not love our selves, it's almost impossible to give love or teach love to others. We want to show our Benjamin that it is ok to choose for yourself and your happiness first and what it means to find true love in life and never settle for second best. For us this results in spending the most of our time together, raising our son without daycare, being partners in love and business (we literally make every decision together), doing things we love as much as we can, making time for ourselves and approach ourselves and others with love & kindness. 


To us, balance stands for spiritual and physical health which we reach by bringing balance to our life. We both worked our asses off the first 10 and 15 years of our careers. Weeks of 80 hours were more common than 40, but it didn't bring us happiness or health. In the end we both learned a lot, what kept us going, but we prefer to work less. We'd rather meditate, invest in personal growth and connect to our core and inner leader. We want to pursue our soul purpose, exercise and eat healthy plant based food and engage meaningfully with those around us. We feel very blessed to be healthy, which wasn't always the case. Gerben had cancer and had to go through chemo almost 15 years ago which puts everything into perspective. 

freedom & entrepreneurial

We are entrepreneurs at heart and see opportunities everywhere, but the core value behind it is freedom. We love that we are able to choose how we live, what our agenda looks like, where we are and where we want to be tomorrow. We flourish with flexibility and change. If we don't like how things are going, we stop and choose another path. If we don't like where we are, we set sail and change course. We want to be free from expectations and obligations. This is why we decided to be financially independent from any bank or investor within 10 years, to travel around the world with no agenda, to build our companies around our lives. We know that, by choosing to live this way, we bring some sadness and disappointment to the people we love - especially the grandparents - but the time spend together and the memories we will make will be priceless in the end.


Our inner compass is connected to energy. We find it very important to feel energy, to receive energy and to give energy. We surround ourselves with people that are energising, people that have a positive energy and are enthusiastic or love to take risks and go on adventure. This is also how we choose our business projects. If we don't get energised by the project or the people, we will not start or engage in the project.


We love nature and have deep respect for Mother Earth and all her wonders. With our lifestyle we always take into account what our footprint will be and how we would want to leave this world behind for our little baby boy Benjamin. We find it heartbreaking to know that more than 50% off the coral in the ocean has died because of climate change, billions of animals suffer from plastic waste, mankind consumes more than the earth can produce, every year the EOD comes earlier and in 2070 there will be places on the world that are so hot that it's impossible to live there. There's a lot more we can do still and we are constantly looking for alternative products and ways of living and would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or tips & tricks.

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Being a mom & dad

We don't  believe in the traditional western school system and way of parenting. What the right way is... we don't know yet. Our journey around the world is also a search in ways to educate and nurture our Benjamin.

What we do know is that we find it very important to raise our children by being present. To show them what unconditional love is and how to live a life with purpose and respect for and being one with Mother Earth.

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"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return."


Plant based foods

What you eat is what you become.


We believe that it's healthier and better for the environment to eat plant based food: fresh, natural and no additives, than processed food, meat or fish. 


Sometimes we do eat fish (only caught by ourselves or local fishermen) or meat (biologic and preferably from a local butcher who knows the origin).

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Free of plastic (waste),  chemicals & others


With all the products we need from toothpaste to clothing, we are looking for natural ingredients and wrapping: no plastics, synthetics, chemicals or other additives. When we need something we look for second hand products and local stores first. 


This is very hard and to be honest, sometimes comfort - like when it comes to diapers - wins.


With sailing we reduce the engine hours to an absolute minimum and are looking for ways to run totally on solar and wind energy.


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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

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