We strongly believe that creating lasting change doesn't happen in a weekend, or that transformation ends there. Finding a life on your terms is an organic ever-changing thing, that reflects all of our inner journeys of personal growth.

With each time we choose to transform and step into a new version of ourselves our lives and circumstances change. And with stepping into these new versions, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating empowering habits, we all need guidance. 


We as well have our own coaches and mentors. 

In the last years, we had several one-on-one coaching clients and decided to take this into a new form - a beautiful and specifically designed one-year program for just 4 selected individuals. 


These four individuals will participate in the first exclusive edition of our designed format:

This year we love to be your personal coach! Are you going to be one of the four that will join us on this beautiful journey of personal growth?

Costs € 7.597,- ex VAT - Patreon members and Mentor Program participants have a special price.

It is also possible to book the sailing retreat or the one-year coaching separately. Costs

  • sailing retreat € 5.230 ex VAT, and

  • one-year coaching € 3.547 ex VAT

  • both included free access to our next Mentor Program value of €1.987,-

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We will start with an extensive intake call where we get to know each other and get absolute clarity on your personal goals for this program. Depending on your agenda and ours, we will select a fixed date and time every month for your coaching sessions.

As we know life can be challenging and agendas can change. So the sessions can always be rescheduled if you let us know at least 24 hours upfront when possible.

Depending on your personal goals and desired breakthroughs we have additional in-depth exercises and assignments during the month. Each month we will set a clear approach, desired outcome, and how we will celebrate.

These sessions are fully customized to your personal character, needs, and goals. 

During the months and weeks, you can contact us via Whatsapp with urgent questions, wins to share, or struggling with a challenging situation.

With these 12 months of coaching Gerben or Rianne will be your appointed and dedicated coach. Depending on your monthly goal and desires, it can be that Rianne or Gerben takes over the session to help you get the best results. This will only be done with your consent.

By enrolling in our program, you get to choose your coach. See also below to understand the specialism of each of us more in detail. You can always change this.


Gerben is an entrepreneur by heart and has run different companies from the age of 7.

Topics Gerben is specialised and experienced in: running start-ups, investor and stakeholder management, deal making, surviving a bankruptcy, media, networking, mindset, thriving with setback & change, creative sources of income and revenue models.

Gerben has a talent for making you even more enthusiastic about what you do and seeing connections and bringing the right people at the right time together.

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This special sailing retreat will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only you will learn the ropes and enjoy sailing in one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Mediterranean sea, Montenegro,


You will share this experience with 3 other like-minded souls and have an itinerary filled with soul searching exercises, breathtaking views and sunsets, swimming in turquoise sea waters and memories you will cherish a lifetime.

The sailing retreat consists of two nights in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world - The Regent, 3 days and 2 nights on our pocket super sailing yacht Perfect Sense, and nourishing foods and drinks during your entire stay (we will have a cook and a specially designed menu for our program onboard the Perfect Sense).

The itinerary

Thursday​ 06/09: arriving at The Regent - 20:00 get to know each other drink and sleep in your own room in the Regent

Friday​ 06/10: breakfast at The Regent and 10:00 AM sharp welcome onboard the Perfect Sense and settling in followed up with a beautiful sail towards our special destination. Ending the day with a soul-searching assignment during sunset, watching the stars, and spending the night behind anchor.

original DJI mini size.jpg

Saturday​ 06/11: spending the day behind anchor, enjoying a variety of water activities and a few soul-searching assignments, and if possible ending the day with a campfire on the beach.

Sunday​ 06/12: special morning activity and during the day setting sail and learning the ropes while we are returning to Porto Montenegro. We will be ending the day with an aperitive in the Onyx Bar, dinner in Murano restaurant, and a night drink in the library bar. After which you can enjoy a comfortable night of sleep in your own room in The Regent

Munday​ 06/13: breakfast at The Regent, saying goodbye, and checking out.


Although our Perfect Sense is considered to be a super pocket sailing yacht and can host up to 8 persons, you will not have your own cabin. You will share a guest cabin with one of the participants (if you and your partner join, of course, you can share a room together). This means that if you do not know any of the other participants you will be sleeping in the same bed with a 'stranger'.

If you are not willing to share a bed, we have a bunk bed available


To get a better understanding of the layout of our boat and the sizes of the cabins and beds, you can watch our boat tour video below.

Then as this is a sailing retreat, the program is highly dependent on the weather circumstances. We will do everything to keep everyone safe and have a good night of rest - although a little bit of a rolling anchorage can happen. 

If you know you get seasick, please rethink your decision of joining or make sure you have prepared yourself properly.

Our sailing yacht is of high quality and we would love to keep her that way, This means no hard objects (like heels and suitcases) are allowed on board, and handle everything with care. After you have been selected, we will make sure you understand everything about staying on our sailing yacht upfront. We made an introduction movie and had a blast doing so (like something as simple as how the toilet works or how to shower - yes it sounds easy but everything is more challenging on a boat).

And please note that staying onboard the Perfect Sense is at your own risk at all times.

Then our final note, you will be sharing the Perfect Sense with us, 3 other participants, one of the very best cooks we know, and of course, his royalty Benjamin ;)


Rianne has been fascinated from a young age with mindset and personal development, which was ignited by the depressions of her father and her own childhood trauma.


Rianne is specialized & experienced in the following topics: mindset, thriving with setbacks & change, lifestyle design, life-changing decision making, creative sources of income, and revenue models.


She has a talent for knowing exactly what your limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns are Sometimes even before you know it yourself.


Via the button below you can plan a free of any obligation call with one of us. We will answer any questions you might have, we take an honest look at your goals and growth wishes and if we and our program would be a perfect fit.

If so, you are selected to join our exclusive program. We will provide the payment details. As soon as we have received your payment, we directly schedule a date and time in our agendas for your intake call of 60-90 minutes (end of may).

During that call, we will set the dates and times for your monthly coaching sessions, and we will set clear goals and timelines for the rest of the year.

After that, we work together for one year on your personal goals and transformation and enjoy an amazing sailing retreat together.

We do not believe in extensive and tiny letter policies so everything you need to know is on this page.

By joining the selection list, you agree upon the price, the dates, and our policies.

Also that joining this program is at your own risk. We, Rianne & Gerben, Feel the Breeze D.O.O. or any of the third parties involved aren't in any form liable for any damages you might experience from this program - the sailing retreat included. Local Montenegrin laws are applicable.


Why a selection? 
​Our one-on-one coaching is a very intense and in-depth program, for us as well. So we only do this with the ones that are truly committed, have goals we can actually help with and fit within our desired clients - dedicated, serious about personal growth, open for honest and real feedback, and just fun to hang out with.

PATREON MEMBER - get a € 750,- discount. You can plan your call below or send us a message and we will give you more information on Circle!

MENTOR PROGRAM PARTICIPANT - we have a very special price for you. Please look at the dedicated emails or send us a message. Also free to plan your call of course!

Costs € 7.597,- ex VAT


​Within the price is included:

  • 1,5 hour intake call

  • 12 coaching sessions

  • 3 days and 2 nights onboard - included group coaching, cleaning, mooring fees, diesel, and healthy nourishing food and drinks onboard 

  • 2 nights in The Regent including breakfast

  • One welcome drink in Regent

  • Celebration dinner in Regent: one aperitive,, dinner, and one-night cap


There are a few things you need to arrange by yourself and are not included in the price:

  • flight tickets, transfer, and all other costs to arrive in the regent in Montenegro,

  • additional stay in hotel (above the 2 nights) drinks and food consumed outside the boat (except dinner regent)

  • any other expenses that aren't included in the program

  • any damage to the boat or to others, and

  • all the other costs that aren't listed in included