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Here you can find all  our  online courses we have on the agenda and all the masterclasses that are available right now.

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For following our online courses on Instagram you have to have an Instagram account. Every course has its own private instagram account - if we already created it, you wil see the name mentioned above, during payment, in your confirmation email. After that in the e-mail with link to the published sales page and the fixed dates of the course & your reminder e-mail 2 days before the course will start.

The process of the course:

1. find the private account of the course on instagram and do a request to follow. Your request will be granted at the day the course will start.

2. every day at 10:00 AM CEST time a module will come online in the highlights and the corresponding insights, bonus material & challenges will be posted in a post which you can see in the grid of the account.


3. everyday a module of the e-book will be published, which you can find via the link in the account. 

4. during the course we are constantly online to watch how you are doing and how we can support you. 


5. when the course is ended you keep a full month access to the account and all the materials. So you can watch it in your own time and space and as much times as you want during that month.

6. after that month we will close the course and you have no access to the account anymore.

Thats it - straight forward right?

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