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We get a lot of questions about which gear we have, what kind of books we love and what software we use. Here you can find all of them and why we use or love them. To make it easy we categorized them in Gadgets, Books & Software.


gadgets we love & the gear we use


our favourite & high impact books


software we use in our business

* On this page are only links to third party websites and some of them are affiliate links. If you use these links and buy a product, we will get a small commission with no extra costs for you. We would be grateful if you use the links & support our work. You are always free to not use them.

DJI Mavic Pro 2.jpg

DJI mavic Pro

Most of the drone shots you see in our videos and on instagram are made with this DJI Mavic Pro or the Mini 2.

GoPro Hero 9 Black.jpg

Hero 9 Black

We just upgraded our GoPro set with the new GoPro Hero 9 Black and you will see the footage in upcoming vlogs.

Rode Videomicro.jpg

Røde VideoMicro

This microfoon we use with our Canon camera recording content for YouTube FtB mindset. Next step using it with our vlogs.

Canon Mark 5D.jpeg

Canon Mark 5D

We use this camera for recording our content for YouTube FtB mindset and all our photo's, next step - using it for our vlogs. 

GoPro Max.jpg

GoPro Max

We are still getting use to this piece of beautiful tech, we haven't found the right set yet to film with this one. We used it for the home tour in this vlog.



This Sony WH-1000XM4 noise cancelling headset is one of Rianne her need to have's. She uses it with all our podcasts editing and to relax with music and meditation.

24-70 mm Canon lens.jpg

24-70 mm Canon

This is the lens we used since we started on instagram in 2018. Quite impressive what we have shot with it, searching for a portrait lens now.

Auto Technica at2020-usb microfoon.webp

AT2020 usb

This microfoon we use in our podcasts. It is our first microphone for recording sounds and we love the radio kind of vibe it gives.

Kindle e-reader.jpg


Every week we read or re-read a book. Before we left for the Perfect Sense we had a lot of hard copy, but now only e-books, and with the Kindle it is just like reading a real book.



GoPro Hero 8 black.jpeg

Hero 8 black

The first 23 vlogs on our Feel the Breeze family YouTube channel are recorded with only using the GoPro Hero 8 Black

Rode NT USB.jpeg


This microfoon is our second in our podcasts. We use it when we do a podcast together, it works pretty awesome with male voices.


MacBook pro

For everything we do we have the MacBook pro, website building, podcast, photo and video editing...it is just able to do all of it. We also have a MacBook air more for the lighter works.

As a man Thinketh.jpg

As a man Thinketh

by: James Allen. This is a classic, definitely a must read and although it is written for man and in quite old English, it is the universal basics for what mindset is all about.

The power of Vital Force.jpg

The power of Vital Force

Fuel your energy, purpose and performance wit ancient secrets of breath and meditation, by: Rajshree Patel. Everything you need to know about the basics of energy, mindset and breathing.

The Miracle Morning.jpg

The Miracle Morning

by: Hal Elrod. This book is perfect when you are facing tremendous challenge. It gives you insights in creating a morning routine that will help you set up for success and give you that structure that will be a game changer.

Leadership and self deception.jpg

Leadership & Self-deception

Getting out of the box, by: Arbinger Institute. The best leadership book we have read (better than the amazing: 7 habits of highly effective people). It explains an essential skill we haven't read anywhere yet.

Rich dad Poor dad.jpg

Rich dad Poor dad

by:  Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. Want to understand the basics of building wealth in a sustainable way and how to create passive income and secure your pension for the future? Than this is a must read.

The richest man in Babylon.jpg

The richest man in Babylon

by: George S. Clason. A classic that explains the basics of creating wealth in an very straight forward and inspiring way.

4 hour work week.jpg

4-hour workweek

by: Tim Ferriss. The concept in this book is fantastic. It gives you a total different perspective on everything you are doing and how to outsource and focus on the things that make a difference. For entrepreneurs a very insightful book.

The Big reset.jpg

The Big Reset

by: Willem Middelkoop. 


Epedemic Sound

All the music you hear in our YouTube vlogs are from Epedemic Sound. It is a great way to use good quality music from a big range of artist, royalty free, for just a small commission per month.

Coin Manufacturing

BitcoinMeester & Bitvavo

A lot of you asked how we buy our crypto currencies. So here we have it. We use both of these platforms and software we use to buy our Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. It are Dutch companies, safe and easy to use, with languages: NL, ENG, SP, FR & PL.



Al though WIX has a mailing module, we use ActiveCampaign, with special forms for free downloads to build our mailing list, amazing designs options and super easy to use and connect to WIX.




One of the key basics in our branding is the look and feel of our website & shop. Rianne designed it all by herself in WIX we never need a third party. We love the platvorm it is easy to use, intuitive, one of the best out there and not too expensive. 




This is the software we use for hosting our online courses & masterclasses. WIX  doesn't have a good feature yet, this platform is one of the largest and is totally designed to have the best feature for learning and engaging with your students.