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A conscious life leads to a more happier life

7 tips you can implement today that have immediate effect

Our journey to living our lives on our conditions and from balance and happiness started with being conscious. We take thousands decisions a day and only a couple consciously and even then those decisions are mostly led by our unconscious biases, our behavioral patterns and limiting believes. In fact how we programmed our minds during our lives is determining the choices we make everyday.

In this blog we shorty explain what was most deliberating for us to know and key to getting a more conscious life. We even give you 7 simple life hacks - you can implement today and get results quickly.

One of the most deliberating things we learned is that our minds more specific our brains are flexible. That we can reorganize and rewire the connections in our brains and have the power to act & react differently, to take decisions consciously. That we determine our future not our past, our environment or how we grew up. It has even been proven that almost every pattern can be breach in 30 days. This means that you can become what ever you imagine yourself to be.

And we love this Quote from Madeleine Albright

“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” - Madeleine Albright

But to be able to change we experienced that you have to be conscious. Conscious about the fact that you and only you are responsible of how things determine your life, that you have a split second between every situation and the choices you make, that in that split second you can choose to act differently, to break through behavioral patterns and limiting believes and act as is most suiting for you. This means that you have to be in the present and aware, aware of the freedom and influence you have and how you can transform and break through patterns.

Did you know that most of our behavioral patterns are formed in our childhood. As children our brain waves are in a theta state, which means we absorb everything our parents do. From their beliefs, to how they function in relationships and how they speak about themselves and each other, We aren’t fully aware or conscious - so we accept them as truths. We are in an ego centric state and internalize everything happening around us. We develop patterns to understand and to protect our selves, to survive. But when we become adults we become aware and conscious, we can rationalize and put things in perspective….this is the moment that these behavioral patterns are not necessary anymore to understand or ‘survive’ in the world…so we can get rid of them or at least to be conscious and choose to follow them or to break them.

And we have to be honest, changing isn’t easy and it takes a lot of work…..but there are simple things you can implement into your daily life as of this moment that make you be more conscious, more in the present and more aware. That will give you the power to acknowledge what’s holding you back and determining the choices you make. If you implement these simple 7 tips you will see that within a week and sometimes even a day, you will already book results and set the first steps to a more conscious and happier life.

Our 7 tips:

1. Meditate

We know you heard it everywhere, but this is for a reason. Meditation makes you be in the present and connects to the right side of your brain which is all about your senses, intuition, creativity and feelings. Just start with meditating everyday for just 2 minutes…just when you woke up. This will change your life!

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most effective tools to live more consciously and a happier life. Just, think about the things that you are grateful for everyday before you go to sleep. This makes that you are more aware of all the good things that are happening in your life, which results in being more conscious and happy. But it has an extra effect - sciences proves that the state of mind before you go to sleep impacts your state of mind when you wake op. So thinking about what your are grateful for before you go to sleep, makes sure that you are have a positieve mindset and having good feelings which in the end makes sure that you wake up more positively. Want to give that extra boost of positivity to your day….write down the things that you are grateful for the next morning.

3. Compliment

Everything is mindset and is about what you tell yourself. So you got to make sure that you fill your mind with positive thoughts. One of the tricks in realising this, is giving yourself and some one around you at least one compliment for something you and the other have accomplished. This also makes you be more aware of all the good things you and others around you are doing, instead of focusing on things that go wrong. If you want more tips and tricks about getting that positive mindset - follow one of our online courses it is the basis of everything we do.

4. ME-time

Balance is everything, you got to make sure that you have a ME-time moment everyday. We call it a #pamperyourselfmoment and it doesn't have to take long, it can be a coffee in your favourite coffee bar or just a walk during you break. These moments are for you and make sure you unwind and remember that your are the most important thing. If you aren’t feeling well it will effect everything in your life. You will have more succes and be a better friend, partner, mom or dad if you are in a good place.

5. Listen

We practise this one still everyday, we are being raised to listen to react instead of listen to understand, which is so important. We are training ourself to only listen to understand, to be in the present and to truly hear the other. So ask yourself and be aware of if you listen to react or to understand. You probably notice at first that you keep wanting to react and already are preparing your answer or next questions while the other still is talking - which makes that you aren’t truly hearing what the other is saying.

6. Energy balance

This one is easy and so effective, make sure that everyday you be aware of what gives you energy and what takes energy. take a moment every week to analyse your energy balance throughout the week and if there are some things or people that cost too much energy. When you realise this it is important to take action and cut those energy drains out of your life or bring them down to an absolute minimum.

7. Stop/start

This one is about starting to change your behaviour. Choose every months something you want to stop with and something you want to start with and focus on it every day during the month. If you do this seriously you will see that at the end of the month it is a new routine. This is because almost every pattern can be breach or learned within 30 days - this is proven on the bases of our brain flexibility.

So no reason to not start living a happier life with these simple tips! We love to hear your results and experiences.

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