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BOAT LIFE - Alternative Lifestyle on the Sea, Slow Sailing Croatia and Living off the Land

We did a slow sail to a new off-the-grid bay. We had a wonderful time here and made some life-changing decisions which are based on our position in the current worldwide situation. I share my thoughts as I was climbing up a little mountain island.

Some of you know that we are kind of stuck because of COVID and we needed to change our plans again. WE do have some great things up our sleeves, but we will share that in one of our new episodes in this NEW YEAR.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, let's make it an extraordinary year full of memories.

Although this episode is a typical day of our alternative lifestyle on the sea, picking our own fruits and herbs and trying to bake bread. It is a great memory we cherish deeply.

Happiness is in the little things.

Hope you will enjoy this one!

Love from the Family

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