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Los Enamorados - the perfect hidden gem of Ibiza with the Feel the Breeze vibe

Our first stop of our journey around the world was Ibiza. In the end we stayed here for 3 months. We discovered & explored the inlands by landrover and sailed a lot around the island. We discovered so many beautiful places that are not discovered yet and definitely have the Feel the Breeze feeling. A few of them are a hidden gem and not known by a lot of people - we even took a true Ibiza inhabitant to places she didn’t know about.

Soon we will write our list of must sees with the Feel the Breeze feeling and we will release our sailor guide to Ibiza, but first we had to tell you about Los Enamorados.

Los Enamorados

Our absolute favourite hidden gem, even the name - Los Enamorados which means ‘the ones in love’. She is owned by a beautiful couple, a former basktetball player Pierre Traversier and magazine editor Rozemarijn de Witte.

This gem is located atop a rustic boatshed in Portinatx, and is one-of-a-kind venue that embodies the charm of eccentric Ibiza, while simultaneously exhibiting a cosmopolitan twist. A hotel, restaurant, bar and boutique all rolled into one, this unique spot on Ibiza’s northernmost tip is unlike anywhere else on the island. You see the love and vision of the couple every where you look, every corner has been curated with artefacts and curio collected from their trips around the globe.

There are only nine luxurious rooms in total, each with its own comfy character and unbeatable sea view. Bedlinnen of soft Italian fabrics and dreamy fluffy cushions, and to tip it off extra little touches abound.

Next to this, you’ll find a restaurant serving international fusion cuisine that almost always focuses around freshly-caught, local fish, a cocktail bar for drinks overlooking the gently lapping waves below and a fascinating boutique selling a patchwork of global trinkets and fashion. In fact, almost everything you see in the hotel is for sale – furniture, tiles and all – so you can take some of the magic home.

You can imagine where I got lost during our visit ;)

The beautiful couple behind the hotel

Contact Los Enamorados

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+39 971 337 549

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