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From off the grid to a 5 star hotel life - TUI blue Jadran

We couldn’t believe it!!! After being on the road for 20 days with our Lilly (Land Rover defender 110) and half way our end destination we were invited to spent 3 nights in a 5 star hotel in the southern part of Croatia. TUI Blue Jadran heard about our story and plans via the lovely Kasia from Stylish Travel Tips and they wanted to treat us well and make sure we were fully energized to take on the second half of our road trip to our sailing home in Turkey - this was definitely something special and so generous.

So we even decided to go all the way, we treated ourselves with a spa day, booked a daybed on the beach and didn’t cook or clean for 4 days. Heavenly luxurious especially compared to our days on the road.

Our first feelings

We were in a twilight zone, we just arrived after a 3 hours drive along the coast of Croatia, the nights before we slept in our roof tent on Feel the Breeze places, off the grid, almost no mobile signal and just the three of us… During our drive we were discussing if this would actually be something we would enjoy, a 5 star hotel, normally around 200 guests, fixed dinner times, swimming pools, people and of course Corona.

Living off the grid and on the road made us be very isolated, you could actually say we live in quarantine (see also our next blog about corona and road trip). Social contact minimized and living close to nature and not with a lot of luxury besides of course our beautiful hammock and vase with fresh flowers.

In the end we definitely enjoyed it, but couldn’t wait to start traveling again.

What we loved

The people in the hotel are amazing and know exactly how to make sure you feel at home. The spa and the fitness rooms are breathtaking and of course we treated ourselves well. We went full on with manicure, pedicure, facial and massage….okay okay okay I (Rianne) went a little bit crazy. Gerben just enjoyed a massage Mediterranean energy boost - but it was a once in a lifetime experience. Something I will let him tell you… I still don’t quite understand what happened…..and yes I did a double check if it wasn’t a special Thai massage :)

After worrying for 3 years about paying the bills and not being able to treat ourselves well, this was just heaven! Although we love living back to basic we also enjoy luxury in the sense of treating ourselves well and taking good care of body & mind. Actually during our troubled financial years we always kept on eating fresh plant based food - we didn’t cut ourselves short on that. We believe that you need to treat yourself like a temple (with of course here and there a guilty pleasure) and make sure you get the right nutritions. All part of being successful.

To be honest, not worrying about dinner, or cleaning up after ourselves - accept when Benjamin decided to almost poop on the balcony - was very good, the food was amazing, the beach in front of the hotel is just beautiful and Benjamin had the time of his life, playing in the sea, swimming pools, running around and flirting with the hotel employees.

Sometimes you doubt when you want to book a hotel that has a 5 star rating via internet….well no worries with this one… TUI Blue Jadran is just amazing. It is not a family or kids paradise, but children are welcome and for couples who want to relax, unwind and being taken care for…this is the right spot.

Especially in Croatia, the people are amazing, the coastline is just something out of a fairytale, the possibilities of exploring, activities and so much more are just marvelous. The countries we visited up until now during our road trip (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary & Croatia) Croatia is definitely something different. It is very safe, family friendly, corona impact is minimal and if you love the sea, turquoise colors and dreamy sunsets….Croatia is perfect.

What we missed

Oh my, after 4 days we really missed being on the road again. The freedom, adventure & exploring lifestyle, finding new places, living by the rhythm of nature (instead of the clock) and just being able to put your bedroom where ever you want with a clear 360 view (ok through the mosquito nets) is just something we really love. Not that surprising if you think about that one of our core values is freedom.

Corona & Croatia

In Croatia the restriction with corona are quite subtle and the country hasn’t been impacted that hard, They are strict at the border and only let people cross who made an online reservation to enter Croatia (see this site) and have a hotel reservation or camping booking. Still amazed by how we entered without any of this - lucky shot and some cuteness of Benjamin probably.

Per place you visit you will experience that some people wear masks and some don’t. Officially everyone working in restaurants, bars and hotels should wear masks. As a customer or guest you don’t have to wear a mask.

Other restrictions aren’t there at this moment (this could change any second of course and be sure to check the website of the government of Croatia about the actual Corona situation here).

Corona & the hotel

In the end we felt very safe with corona in the hotel. Every employee wears a mask, everything and when we say everything we truly mean everything gets cleaned and disinfected after a guests came into contact with it, all the food is separated from guests and you can choose from behind a plastic screen what you would like to eat.

It is very challenging for a hotel to make sure your guests are safe without having the feeling of being in a hospital. TUI Jadran did an amazing job, you are reassured that everything is as corona safe as possible but you don’t feel like you are in a sterilized room.

Next part

Now after 4 days of luxury it is back to basics and exploring and traveling time again!! We hope we can get close to Turkey very soon. If we look at the media and how Turkey is being highlighted with Corona, it could become very difficult to get into Turkey or when we are there sail towards Greece.

Let’s see what happens, we just keep on Feeling the Breeze and enjoying every day what ever the day might bring.

Hugs and kisses from us

Feel the Breeze rating: not a Feel the Breeze hidden gem, but definitely 5 star worthy hotel.

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