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How do they do it? And plan to keep on doing it: living their dream life - part 3/3

What if you could live your most preferred lifestyle and make your dreams become a reality? Wouldn’t you just do it? What ever that dream lifestyle is? For us it is sailing around the world and searching for our home somewhere on this amazing planet while inspiring and enabling others to live their most preferred lifestyle & follow their dreams too.

And what if we told you, almost anyone can do it? Would you believe us?

Well we are here to tell you how we do it now (see part 1 of this series) and how we plan to keep on doing it for the rest of our lives (read further). And let’s be honest if we can do it, why shouldn’t you be able to do it?

We hope that we ignite your creativity to find ways to live more in line with what you really want from life as being an employee, stay at home dad or mom, an entrepreneur, a cancer survivor, a bankruptcy thriver or……whatever it maybe.

This is part 3 of our blog series ‘How do they do it? And plan to keep doing it?’

Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Money & personal growth

If we make it very clear and straight forward, we see two main drivers behind making sure we can keep on living our most preferred lifestyle and realizing our dreams:

  • personal growth and

  • financial independence - money.

We believe life is all about duality, without light there is no darkness, without grief there is no happiness, without the bad there is no good, without setback there is no success. And with writing this blog we even realized that we unconsciously probably even took this believe into our plan to keep on living our dream life. Because if we look at our first driver it is all about spending money and the other is about earning money. And the first one - maybe you will not believe it, - spending money was an enormous challenge for us at the beginning of this year.

As you know if you read part 1 - the biggest part of this year 2020 we were living from the earnings from the sale of my (Rianne) apartment in Amsterdam. I roughly made a EUR 180.000,- profit in 4 years - not a bad investment if I may say so myself :) And from part 2 you know that we had some financial struggles and stress before we sold the apartment. This made that we actually were afraid of spending the money to end up with nothing again. We had it with everything, it didn’t matter if it was just € 10,— or € 5.000,-. As long as it didn’t concern our primary needs it was an expense we hadn’t made for a long time and we unconsciously programmed ourselves to not make them. I remember that it took me 4 weeks to make an appointment with the hairdresser and 2 months to buy new clothes (all second hand in a marvelous vintage shop in ‘de Pijp’ in Amsterdam with a total amount € 40,- and then to think of the time when I was a lawyer I spend easily € 200/300 per month on brand new clothes).

So you could say we had to invest in our money mindset ;) Especially since we are strong believers of the law of attraction and therefor if we want to make money, we have to have a good relationship with money - and there we have it: personal growth.

Investing big time in personal growth

A majority of the people doesn’t have personal growth high on their agenda, but for us it is. We believe and know by experience that by investing in personal growth by developing new skills and transforming ourselves we can create more, bring more value and live in abundance and have a more fulfilling and happy life.

For that reason after we paid off some debts 25% of the profit of the sell of the apartment I reserved for investing in our personal growth for 2020 & 2021. This was one of the expenses I did not have any trouble with making.

I actually consider personal growth one of my primary living needs, even when we did not have any money I bought books about personal growth like ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’, ‘The power of vital force’, ‘The richest man of Babylon’, ‘The miracle morning’ etc. (see for more info our favorites pages here) and invested in, for that moment, a very expensive course. Amen for credit cards and amen for making it possible to earn money online. I invested € 1.970,- in an in-depth personal branding course in 2018, with no money left on the bank to pay the mortgage, I used my credit card, followed the course and shortly after I launched my first online course which payed the credit card bill - I couldn’t believe it.

Now with not having a money issue we invest big time in personal growth from online courses about vlogging, youtube SEO, in-depth pricing course, stock trading and photography & filming masterclasses to all the events of Tony Robbins, a 7 week intense coaching program about your Cosmic team & cosmic energy, meditation retreats, couples love therapy and a Ayahuasca ceremony (last one is on the agenda but postponed because of Corona unfortunately).

These books, courses and programs costs thousands of euro’s but in each of them we gain at least three really valuable insights or skills which we can directly implement in our lives and make a huge difference. Next to that all the things we learn, we share in our online content (see also the next part) to bring more value to others.

And if you are wondering how we select our courses, we always choose to invest in and be coached by people who have learned by experience rather than the ones who primarily learned it from the books. If a coach doesn’t invest in coaching for him- or herself we don’t believe in their approach and their ability to teach and inspire us. But this is just our opinion.

We strongly believe that we all have the ability to live an extraordinary life, the real and raw potential of every human being is almost unlimited, we just need to believe in what we do, create that unbounded certainty with every breath and in every cell of our bodies and take massive action - even when things look like they aren’t working out, never give up just find another way to reach your goals. It is the natural flow of life - duality. This is what we have done for years and what investing in personal development does to our mindset, without it we wouldn’t be where we are today and wouldn’t get where we want to be tomorrow.

Creative ways of income - More than one

Everything we do, we create around our most preferred lifestyle, this goes for our income streams as well. And if we peel it all down its all connected with our core and specialty: making dreams become a reality NO MATTER what - we call it Feel the Breeze.

The last 1,5 years we put a lot of effort and thought in building our Feel the Breeze brand: our family and personal ones. Creating a personal brand offline and online is actually the first step we would recommend to take, even if you are not interested in creating different sources of income, it can accelerate your carrier and business can definitely be an amazing marketing and sales tool.

This is also why we feel so privileged to live with all the technological possibilities of these times and are so excited and grateful for them. It makes that almost everyone can create an income next to her or his job or company and start being more financially independent…and for example travel or sail or whatever you would like to do more in life. There are so many ways to earn money remotely and (passively) online nowadays, even with Corona and lock downs.

Here are our current different income streams and the ones we plan to develop the coming years.

Feel the Breeze brand

from dream to reality | your most preferred lifestyle

What we love most about what we do is creating content to inspire and enable people to live their most preferred lifestyle and make their dreams become a reality. We do this for free via YouTube (Feel the Breeze family & Feel the Breeze mindset), Instagram, blog posts and Podcast and paid through our online courses, masterclasses, inspirational sessions & coaching programs (FtB mindset).

All our content is made by ourselves and based on our own experiences combined with a lot of knowledge we gained from hundreds of books, courses/masterclasses and coaching programs & events. We focus on a niche which we actually not only are experienced in but even live by every but really every day. We like to consider ourselves expert.

Building our brand is the first step and catalyzer for our income streams.

FtB mindset

We already mentioned it, but one of our main sources of income comes from our Feel the Breeze | mindset. These are our online courses, masterclasses, inspirational sessions and coaching programs.

Nice insider tip: we have early bird discounts and very exclusive events which you never want to miss out on and can bring you in proximity of very interesting and successful people, people you could model and learn from. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know.

And maybe you think, this isn’t for you, but we strongly believe that everyone has a unique story to tell and has a beautiful experience or lesson to share and teach to others. Just take that fist step of building your personal brand, sharing your knowledge for free and maybe start designing your first online course or e-book and start creating some extra income.

FtB shop

This is our online shop where we sell all sorts of products from e-books to keychains and fashion. They are all connected to enabling and inspiring you to pursue dreams. We even take this to a next level that we support small local business owners we meet during our travels and create a platform for them to sell their amazing products and making their dreams come true.

YouTube & Patreon

Youtube has a lot of possibil