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KEY TO FREEDOM | are you in the driver's seat of your life + 5 steps to create more freedom

Recognize this: when you are upset, sad, or angry, or life isn't going your way, you blame others or circumstances?

Your first reaction will probably be NO, but let's give it another thought.

Your spouse leaves the toilet seat up again. You get frustrated and annoyed. That you feel that way is your partner's fault, not yours, right? Or is your manager or director too demanding and responsible for making your life miserable from time to time?

Or someone you know is being rude, you feel upset about it, and you blame that person for your feelings?

Or a big one...

You are currently financially struggling because of inflation and an upcoming economic depression, or better said, because of one man Poetin?

This is what we call being a backseat driver of your life.

In this blog post of today

A deep-dive into how you can get into the driver's seat + 5 steps to create more freedom in on one of the 5 levels of your life - the mind.

A little taste of our Mentor Program


So strong confession: we have been backseat drivers for quite a long time, and sometimes we still climb back into that seat.

Is that a problem?

No, IF.... you realize it.... are aware of it at the moment, and...know how to get back in the driver's seat again.

Would we want to be always in the driver's seat and, instead of blaming or ignoring, take action and decide the course of our lives ourselves?

Hell yeah, but hé we are only human 😎

The best part, the more you are aware of what your triggers are and how to get into the driver's seat again, the easier it will get.......and the shorter your stay in the miserable backseat will be.

Because let's be honest, we all want to be front-row seaters in our own lives, the ones that decide how things will affect our lives, right?


So if we talk about being a backseat driver, then we mean that we are

  1. not taking full responsibility and

  2. accountability over our lives.

We blame others or circumstances. In essence, this means that we are in a state of mind where people or events outside our sphere of influence decide the quality of our life.

In this state of mind, your happiness is at the mercy of others and circumstances.

YES, we are talking about taking on a victim role.

In these moments that we are suffering, we can do 3 things:

  • ignore and blame (victim role, a.k.a. backseat driver)

  • change circumstances (driver's seat of a tango, most likely you will end up in the same situation again), or

  • change our blueprint (driver's seat of a formula 1 car, this is what we establish with you in our Mentor Program)

With the first, your life will not change.

The second, you change your circumstances. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the road, but chances are high that you will end up in the same situation somewhere down the road again.

With the last one, you change how you have programmed yourself to think, act and behave. You take control of your life and step into the driver's seat. You change your mindset, limiting beliefs and disempowering habits. Which ultimately changes your reality, circumstances, and quality of life.

We do this with you in our Mentor Program (we take a deep dive into modules 1, 2, and 3).


I hear you thinking:

Well, that sounds great, but how does that work in practice, Rianne?

Let's take the example of financial struggle because of inflation and economic depression.

Suppose inflation and an upcoming economic depression are why you are financially struggling. In that case, you can never resolve it as you have to wait until the inflation is reversed and the financial depression is over.

You do not take responsibility for your life.

When you do take control, you know that you are the one that is responsible for financial struggles and can resolve this.

You probably need to work on several limiting beliefs like:

  • in a financial depression, it is hard to make extra money

  • people will not spend their money on my services or products

  • the only thing I can do is save on costs and hope the government will come with support measurements

  • I'm not capable of creating extra sources of income and don't have an entrepreneurial mind

  • in these circumstances, no one can do anything about it, so I have to survive


  • there are always ways to earn and save money

  • I'm creative and capable of finding new ways of income no matter what

  • I'm smart with money and can ignite my entrepreneurial spirit

And create empowering habits like:

  • change your mindset from scarcity to abundance

  • train yourself to always focus on the possibilities instead of the obstacles and problems

  • end the habit of thinking and expecting governments and institutions to come to the rescue and know that you can create financial freedom in all seasons of life

  • educate yourself on finances and historical patterns in financially challenging times by dedicating at least 30 min a day to a podcast, youtube video, or book.

By doing this, you take control and acknowledge that you are in the driver's seat of your life and that you can and will be resourceful and creative. Within our Mentor Program we will give you the tools, inspiration and kick in the but to create empowering habits and breakthrough limiting beliefs (at least 1-3 every month). Having doubts? Join our free online event this month, where we deliver you 1 insight, breakthrough, and transformation within just 3 days......yes, just 3 days. Imagine what we can do together in 6 months. Join here.

Side note 😎 Within our Mentor Prog