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Newsletter July 2021 | Finding balance in life

Our newsletter of July 2021 | If you want to be the first to receive our newest newsletter - leave your name and e-mailadres via the link at the bottom of the page. It is July, a new month and time for our newsletter.

Last month was special, we spend our last days in Turkey, prepared ourselves for a crossing towards Malta to be able to check into the EU. Unfortunately, Greece doesn't allow us to check in because we are a private vessel departing from Turkey. That we are EU citizens doesn't make any difference. We have the feeling that it is political, and that it will not change any time soon. We are very lucky though that we are allowed to transit with stops to rest, do groceries, and fuel that is what we do. During our first sailing miles towards Malta, we had rough weather and it wasn't fun at all. It was hard, especially with Benjamin. Little to no sleep during the first night, hard to move around, getting seasick below deck (at least I Rianne) and we were exhausted. For us definitely not an easy life or a dream life at that moment. Although it was hard, we feel it actually represents our whole journey and what it means to live life on our terms. There are sacrifices and it is just not possible to have perfection and beauty in every second of our lives, failure and hardship are very much part of them. But what it also does for us, make us experience and appreciate the other side of sailing, the beautiful slow sailing days, the mesmerizing bays, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and natures, even more, and more and more valuable than before. Of course, fear does not automatically lead to courage. Injury does not necessarily lead to insight. Hardship will not automatically make us better. Pain can break us or make us wiser. Suffering can destroy us or make us stronger. Fear can cripple us, or it can make us more courageous. It is resilience that makes the difference. - Eric Greitens See the video for the first part of our sail towards Malta, with a stop in a mesmerizing bay to catch our breath and recharge ourselves, to experience how great life is. We also believe that everything happens for a reason and with us being so close to nature we get more and more connected to our intuition. So when the weather changes and our feelings as well, we listen to them....and it turned out to be the best choice for us right now. As I'm writing this newsletter, we got the message that a COVID vaccination is obligated for entering Malta. We aren't vaccinated, we couldn't get a vaccination in Turkey and we actually don't want to be vaccinated. So for us, it turned out to be the best decision to set sail towards Croatia instead of arriving at Malta to be turned away again. We know that this is an unpopular standpoint and that maybe some or a lot of you don't understand our choice to not take the vaccine. We still hope that even though we think differently on such an elementary decision, that you find somewhere in your hearts to accept our choice. We aren't anti-vaxxers or conspiracy thinkers, we believe in the virus we just have a different point of view on this vaccination. For us, it is about the acceptance that life is final and that nature will run its course (I think our first and for now only podcast episode gives more insights about how we experience life with COVID, listen here). If you don't want to be subscribed to our newsletter or follow us on our social channels because of this, we respect your decisions and wish you all the best. And for everyone that stays here even though you have a totally different opinion about what we should do, we appreciate you even more than we ever did and praise you for finding the kindness inside of you to let us be different and trust us that we will be responsible. Thank you June - you were challenging, beautiful, and inspiring and thank YOU, for being here, reading our newsletter, and joining our adventures. Have an amazing day & Feel the Breeze Rianne, Gerben & Benjamin PS: it is my goal to have a new podcast published with our next newsletter! Can't just leave it with one, it is to fun to do and we got so many messages of people who found inspiration and comfort in our episode.


Living life on your terms | controversial decisions If you missed our live session on June 24 click here for the replay.

We got a lot of positive reactions and would love to share this one with you as well. Maybe you are struggling at certain points in your life and our stories can be of help or inspiration. THIS REPLAY WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A WEEK.... after that, it will be only accessible for our Patreon members and participants of #ModernLifestyle


Balance Although we are extremely aware of how important balance is and that this is the game-changer for not only surviving major setbacks like the bankruptcy we went through but also for realizing a great life. And as we are only human, with us transitting through Greece we are sailing every day with short moments of rest. This is just what it is right now, but it is exhausting and what we tried to do on top is keeping all our businesses running like normal, and that just isn't possible. We needed to take a step back and commit fully to our morning routines (which we hadn't done since we left Turkey). And the most difficult part, accepting that parts of our businesses and us are temporarily in wintertime until we check into Croatia. The cycle of life and the essence of going with the flow. And soon as we arrive in Croatia: first thing three days - or more if we feel like it - of rest before anything else! *every month we share a failure/misstep we made because we believe failures & missteps are actually successes - the lessons in life that will bring you growth.


Tip of the month: Inflation is the silent killer of your savings, we still are strong believers of Bitcoin - even though after making a lot of money we lost quite some as well with the crash of the last weeks. 'Bitcoin is the digital equivalent of gold, and the product of a “mathematical miracle' as co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said last week. We believe in times like we are facing now, it is very important to think about your wealth and protect it accordingly and prepare yourself for the future. We came across these two YouTube videos we would like to share with you: Stansberry Research | Wim Middelkoop Madelon Vos - The Future Standard Highlight of the month: We reached 15.000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 1.000.000 views and we have 25 people joining our online experience, next to us being extremely grateful to living our lives as we do every day. Thank you for following us and supporting us every step of the way!


Merchandise | can order as of today We have our very first Merchandise products! It are 3 Feel the Breeze t-shirts from organic cotton - a sustainable choice. So if you like to feel more Breeze or spread the Breeze together with us, this is the perfect opportunity! Find all the t-shirts here.

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Mentor program | #ModernLifestyle We have great feedback on our online experience #ModernLifestyle. Even already after only finishing module 1 we got personal messages from the participants that they already gained life-changing insights. If you are new here & don't know the program yet, read everything here. We also notice that there are people who work through the 6 modules within 6 weeks easily, but also people who just like me need a little extra push from time to time. In Dutch we would say a stick behind the door. We brainstormed together and we came to the conclusion that we need two versions of the online experience - the quick independent 6 weeks, 6 modules, and 3 months access kind and the one that has more guidance and accountability build into it. And we are so excited to tell you, that we are going to launch an extended program that will last 6 months: a module per month with live sessions and a buddy system. We are still working out the details, but if you are interested, just click here and we put you on the waiting list and you will be the first to know when we will start (probably around October 2021) and as always you will get an exclusive offer for being the first to join. And if you want to join the quick & independent 6 weeks version - don't wait too long, we are editing the video modules with great visual and sound effects. When we finished this, the price will go up. Buy your ticket here. And for all the current participants of #ModernLifestyle - you will get the offer from the waiting list and on top of an extra discount - the price you already paid. We love to reward those who are the first to join our programs and buy our products, we see it as our obligation to always overdeliver!


The sense of adventure and freedom while being one with nature; the act of living life on your terms & pursuing your dreams



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