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Newsletter June 2021 | Gratitude message from Gerben

Our newsletter of June 2021 | If you want to be the first to receive our newest newsletter - leave your name and e-mailadres via the link at the bottom of the page. Another month went by, so time for our newsletter, personal stories, insights, and lessons...

This month a gratitude message from Gerben. It still feels a bit awkward to see it is Rianne her boat but she absolutely is. Rianne bought the Perfect Sense from me after 3 months of the start of our love relationship. This was necessary because I just lost everything I had: my money, my company, my car, my mind, and my home the Perfect Sense. I put a loan on the Perfect Sense to save my dream company because I never considered my dream company would go bankrupt. So no tricks to just put the boat on Rianne her name and go on with life like some people would like to believe. This was April 2017, our relationship started on the 19th of January 2017 and I invited Rianne to come over to Thessaloniki Greece where I left the Perfect Sense head over heels in November 2016 to save my dream company. So in May 2017 I had to file for bankruptcy because the bank pulled the plug after a devastating corporate finance game. A former business partner from another company we successfully sold lend me some money and I had to put the Perfect Sense on the market. We cleaned her and made her ready for selling, Rianne never sailed before and asked me to leave the marina for a couple of days to experience the magic of sailing. So we did, we had the most amazing conditions, a stiff breeze of 18 knots, almost no waves and the Perfect Sense was sailing like the grand dame she is and cutting the water. We talked about the future, I was in total survival mode and didn't see any opportunity to keep the Perfect Sense. All of a sudden during sailing and after a long silence Rianne said the famous words: I will buy the Perfect Sense, I don't know how but I will!!!! I couldn't believe it, Rianne, 33 years old, just quit her corporate job becoming an entrepreneur telling me she would buy the Perfect Sense. I asked her how? Are you crazy? and then she said: It just feels right so I will find a way. And she did. She found an investor to lend her the money to buy the Perfect Sense. Yes, for the same amount of money I purchased her just six months before. This because she knows as a former lawyer everything would be under a magnifying glass during the bankruptcy process. I made her one promise: One day I will buy her back! Her reply is always: You know the emotional value of the Perfect Sense is priceless and the price will be higher every day ;) and now with all the upgrades and the "brand" value, you have to come up with an extremely good offer. And...... Nope, I wasn't able to buy her back, yet!. But I will sometime soon. In the meantime, we follow our path, our mission to empower others to live their best life, to create their reality. There is always a way. I am very grateful that Rianne made the very bold decision during that specific sail in Thessaloniki that changed the course of our lives completely. When I look at the thumbnail of our YouTube video of today and see this picture I feel proud to be the man next to Rianne, the woman who took care of me, who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. And one day, I will buy the Perfect Sense back and surprise Rianne as she surprised me. Long story short, here is the boat tour of our beloved Sailing Yacht Perfect Sense, our home, office & playground of Benjamin. Thank you May - you were challenging, beautiful and inspiring and thank YOU, , for being here, reading our newsletter and joining our adventures. Have an amazing day & Feel the Breeze Rianne, Gerben & Benjamin


Living life on your terms | controversial decisions June 24 at 19:00 CEST time (click here for your local time) For FREE During our lives, we have made a lot of decisions that were life-changing and considered controversial: decisions like a divorce after 8 months of marriage, leaving a profession behind, ending a business, sailing around the world, driving through Europe during the first lockdown, and surviving a bankruptcy (not per definition a choice but definitely a situation with the most judgment and condemnation - we even had deaths threats). With the current situation of COVID we notice that a lot of people are now confronted with taking those big decisions as well: like choosing to (not) take a vaccine (with all the judgment and condemnation of those who do), losing a job, ending a business or maybe even realizing that you want a different kind of life. These decisions come with a lot of uncertainty, incomprehension, and judgment. We know from experience how challenging it is in these circumstances to stay true to yourself, your choices, and living life on your terms. During the years we do believe that we have found ways to handle these situations better and know how extremely important it is to find people that support you, and understand you. That is why we decided to organize a live session (for free), where we very practically explain how we handle these situations, how we create a good and healthy mindset, how we handle judgment from others and especially friends and family, but most importantly how we stay true to ourselves. It will be a session with personal stories, practical tips, and a lot of opportunities to ask questions and share concerns. A session that is meant to inspire, support and empower you. If you would like to join our free live session, click the button below and we will send you more information soon. And feel free to forward this email to those who might want to join as well. Living life on your terms | controversial decisions June 24 at 19:00 CEST time (click here for your local time)

Would love to join

NOTE: we will make sure that is is a safe environment and not a place to discuss the vaccine or to judge, there will be a moderator present and makes sure that it is an empowering session (but we know that this won't be a problem with you our newsletter subscriber).


Living form flow - Wu Wei This month we were challenged more than ever to trust our process, to go with the flow, and to stop forcing. ******* Wu Wei A beautiful Taoist principle. A rough translation - meaning not forcing, it’s the principle of going with the flow. This has nothing to do with passiveness or laziness, but everything to do with that there is a time for action. Just like with Judo, you are not forcing your strength into action, but only using your muscles at the right moment. It is the art of sailing rather than rowing. I think that living on the sea and indeed sailing and being so exposed to the forces of nature, which will always decide our agenda, makes that we understand this principle more and more and more. Sailing is going with the flow, not against, and always taking action at the right time and manner. ⠀⠀⠀ WU WEI - for us an essential part of living our best life, as we show in our YouTube videos and as we share in our online experience #ModernLifestyle ******* Within our former jobs and companies, we used a lot of masculine energy and we were in this state of constantly taking action and getting results. Three years ago, when we decided to live on our sailing yacht, we also wanted to live more from flow, to know when there is the time for actions and when there is the time for letting go. Last month, we were challenged, we finished our online experience #ModernLifestyle - which in the basis is done, our first edition and we are tremendously proud - next step coming months will be the touch of our editor, Pedro, with making beautiful visuals and effects to make our video modules more engaging (for our fellow entrepreneurs: which leads to raising the price afterward, we have different facets we rate our products on which determine the price if we improve one or more we almost always raise the price soon afterward - never be afraid to raise your prices). But as always we want to over-deliver to our customers, and we are a little bit over-enthusiastic from time to we wanted to bring a lot of extra value in quite a short period of time. Actually instantly in the first weeks of launching the course. And soon we noticed that we were working towards deadlines, and under pressure instead from flow. Luckily we have trained ourselves in recognizing these patterns, and we were able to change them around very quickly. But it did cost us 2 weeks, which had a big impact on our energy levels and state of being. May was the month of further understanding and embedding our empowering habit based on Wu Wei - knowing when there is a time for action and when there is a time for flow. *every month we share a failure/misstep we made because we believe failures & missteps are actually successes - the lessons in life that will bring you growth.


Tip of the month: Sorry, no tips this month, we were focused on our online course, producing double the amount of YouTube videos this month, and preparing ourselves for our first longer crossing towards Malta, which will start tomorrow or the day after....a little bit excited and nervous. But we do have a highlight - our editor Pedro got married this weekend. We couldn't join unfortunately but are extremely happy for them.


#ModernLifestyle | online experience The first edition of our online experience #ModernLifestyle is available. Join this month for the current price and a special discount of 20% if you use the code: WELCOME-LIVE-LIFE-2021 Read everything about the experience here, or buy your ticket via the button below.



The sense of adventure and freedom while being one with nature; the act of living life on your terms & pursuing your dreams



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