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Newsletter May 2021 | The seasons of life

Our newsletter of May 2021 | If you want to be the first to receive our newest newsletter - leave your name and e-mailadres via the link at the bottom of the page.

Last month we finally got the last things fixed from the refit on our sailing yacht, and now we can start sailing around the world. The moment we left the marina for the last time, we had this incredible feeling of happiness and accomplishment - we made it - and finally experienced the freedom again of sailing where the wind will blow us. Well..... We still have a small challenge and that is getting into Europe. Greece has hard closed its border for all traffic overseas from Turkey since the first lockdown in 2020. Our current options are entering via Cyprus or Malta. Something we will figure out in May. Other than that, we had the typical boat life challenges - broken furler (the system that rolls in our sail at the front of the boat), seawater in the engine room (always a very concerning thing - and we still haven't figured out where it comes from) and the normal cleaning, sailing, and anchoring activities. As you probably know we are not the typical sailing family, we document our lives on YouTube and have several businesses to run, so next to all the positivity and beautiful moments as a sailing family, we also had our challenges. And the biggest one of last month, you would probably laugh, but it was a negative comment on our previous episode on YouTube. It was boring, our lives were boring and how could we ever think about sailing around the world let alone crossing the Atlantic Ocean. All though we already had a lot of bad comments (especially some Dutch guys like to complain about our Dutch accent lol) and ones that were far worse (like you are frauds, irresponsible and dangerous people). But still this time we had a hard time letting it go. And we also know why, the road to success - if it is in your personal life or business - is never a straight line upwards, and actually, quite a similar journey any athlete training for an Olympic medal has to go through. It is a cycle of growing to a new high, slowing down, falling two, three or ten steps back, reaching a new higher low, and growing again to a newer new high - and this process can be really messy too just like Bitcoin ;) We call those movements the seasons of life and love this illustration below, which shows this road to succes pretty good.

And this process of spring, summer, autumn, and winter is everywhere and within excepting this process - if it is for the growth of ourselves, our YouTube channel or our businesses - comes ease and flow and tremendous faith. So we were or maybe still are in a short autumn and winter period last month, which made us more vulnerable towards critics - especially our own inner critic. Knowing this normal cycle of life and nature, and trusting that process is a beautiful gift of last month. And that 'boring' episode, is to us just a real reflection of our lives. We don't believe in constant adventure or sensational content. We know that draws the most views, but we think the media is doing that job already perfectly, and we aim to bring you and everyone who we can reach a real reflection of what life also can be. Living close to nature, truly experiencing the season of life in every facet and trusting your process, having faith in your capabilities, and choosing to live your best life. We hope to inspire you and everyone who is watching our video's to live full out, to slow down in winter and accelerate in spring, to live in this moment, to truly feel and that there is no normal life or a life full with only success or adventure after adventure... although we do love adventures ;) Living with the seasonal change and creating our best lives, is for us living full out. And if we don't choose to live full out, to have the best with the time that is giving to us on this planet, who will? Have an amazing day and we send you some breeze with our newest episode of today, a reflection of how we experienced welcoming spring in Turkey on our sailing yacht. And you probably won't believe it, but we didn't plan this episode and this newsletter together. We actually are a little bit late - because we are in wintertime probably - with sending this newsletter and I (Rianne) just started writing down my feelings and it just flowed to our seasonal cycle. Just beautiful how everything comes together. So will welcoming spring in this episode be the transition for us personally as well? Thank you April - you were challenging, beautiful and inspiring and thank YOU, , for being here, reading our newsletter and joining our adventures. Have an amazing day & Feel the Breeze Rianne, Gerben & Benjamin


Our misstep this month - granting a job We are givers, we love to share and give others opportunities. Especially with our adventure and expanding our businesses, and setting up new ones. This is in the basis a beautiful characteristic but in business not per definition. So I (Rianne) was looking for a bookkeeper and I love working with self-employed persons who are creating their best life. The first thing I did last year, was google on bookkeeper and then I came across this lady on LinkedIn that had a very original name, so we planned a get-to-know each other call. She was very kind and explained what she would want from life..... All though there was one red flag she was talking a lot and mirroring me which is a basic sales technic (which I know from one of my previous jobs - national account manager of a big corporate - and could mean two things: very nervous, or really in need of the sale). In the end, I liked her and she really wanted the assignment. She guaranteed to have the necessary experience with our activities and was able to deliver what I was looking for. At the end of the call, I had a few doubts, but really liked her and wanted to give her this opportunity. So I granted her the job. Long story short it actually led to a lot of disappointments, she didn't have the necessary experience and couldn't deliver what we agreed upon and what I was looking for. I was up until last week even willing to pay her the full amount although she didn't deliver. But then the last week of the month it led to a real climax with her missing on purpose a tax deadline. In the end it costed me a lot of money and time, and I had to hire others to fix a lot. Which I really consider to be my own responsibility by ignoring my own red flag. So in business, don't grant a job! *every month we share a failure/misstep we made because we believe failures & missteps are actually successes - the lessons in life that will bring you growth.


Tip of the month: Our go-to person for knowing everything about the economy and cryptocurrency just launched her English YouTube channel next to her Dutch (both channels have different content). We talk quite regularly about finances, we really believe it is so important to educate yourself on the topic and the most likely economic depression that is coming. See here the links to Madelon Vos her channels: English YouTube channel Dutch YouTube channel Free online courses from Madelon Vos about trading & crypto


  • Documentary Seaspiracy available on Netflix - it made us really aware of the big and negative impact of the fishing industry on nature and humans. There is this whole form of slavery and mass destruction of wildlife and nature we didn’t know about;

  • Podcast episode in Dutch: From womb to World, Make Love Work from Mariette Ruggenberg (and Dwight Gefferie) our friend, love coach, and expert for #ModernLifestyle talks with Anna Verwaal about which imprints we receive before, during and after our birth and how this can impact our lives - a very insightful and valuable podcast (sorry only in Dutch).

*Some links are affiliate links and it would be amazing if you use those. The small commission we get, we use for our Feel the Breeze foundation that supports children who don't have a safe haven. There are no extra costs for you. It is a great way to say thank you for the inspiration and the groundwork we have done and to support others in need, but don’t feel obligated to use them! N E W & S P E C I A L Feel the Breeze | Podcast We launched our first episode about the controversial decisions to start driving from the Netherlands to Turkey during the first lock down in 2020.

It is a beautiful episode if we may say so ourselves that covers a lot of layers about taking life changing decisions and the fear and resistance from others. Next week the podcast will also be available via our YouTube channel, accompanied with drone shots of where we recorded the episode - we thought it would be more fun than watching us talk into a mic.

#ModernLifestyle The first module of our online experience #ModernLifestyle is available. Join us this week, and get access to the extra live Q&A session. And for this month only a special discount of 20% if you use the code: WELCOME-LIVE-LIFE-2021 Read everything about the experience here, or buy your ticket via the button below.



The sense of adventure and freedom while being one with nature; the act of living life on your terms & pursuing your dreams



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