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5 tips to reach self love - the ones everybody should know

Rianne her secret weapons for reaching self love

During my youth I learned a lot from my parents but one thing I didn’t quite get the hang of was me being able to love myself, to look into that mirror with pride and just be perfect with my imperfection. So this one was on me and I had to learn by myself. During this exploring adventure inside myself I discovered that self love is even more and doesn’t stop by looking in the mirror and feeling bundles of love and joy. I got to learn that the far most important thing is how you talk to yourself, with what kind of messages you fill your brain and heart….because at the basis the fact is that what you imagine you become.

In our courses and coaching programs we discovered that way more persons struggle with self love than we imagined. This is why I love to share my top 5 tips that help me with my battle of reaching self love….and I keep getting better at it :)

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Here it goes….the start of you becoming in love with yourself

1. be your own BEST friend

This one was life changing for me and the concept is very easy: just be your own best friend, tell yourself the things you would tell your best friend if he or she is in the same situation as you are, follow your own advice and be gentle and kind to yourself. If your friends deserve it, then you definitely deserve it too.

2. LET GO of your ‘shoulds’

Thinking about all the things you should do in life or at this moment, are energy drainers and will not change a thing. So do it or let it go and trust your intuition and that you know what is best for you. Even when it is a task that you really should do, if you can’t get yourself to do it…you are in desperate need for some me time and that is the best thing to do in stead of what you should. As soon as you get your energy and mood up again, you will do that task with out any struggles.

3. give yourself THE BEST self esteem message everyday

I really love this one, so simple but so effective. Research shows that if we see or being told a message day after day our own subconsciousness will take it over as a truth, a fact of life. When you tell yourself everyday that you are amazing and good enough in the end you will believe it, you will live it and be perfect with your imperfections. But telling yourself this everyday can be harsh or not possible when you are not feeling it. I understand that, so there is an solution, very easy but effect.

Write a note to yourself with the message that you are good enough, that you are perfect with your imperfections and that you are amazing, wonderful, a rock star…what ever works for you…and stick this note onto your mirror in which you look every morning and every night.

This way you get this message every time you look at yourself. And don’t pull it down unless you really believe it and when it gets tough, just keep holding on and be kind to yourself. There will come better days.

4. take ME-TIME or better said a #pamperyourselfmoment

Make sure that every day you do something for your self, a moment that is just for you: it can be a bath, a coffee in your favorite place, a walk, just anything. Making sure you have a moment for yourself will make a difference.

To go a step further it will help if you make sure that every day for 5 to 15 minted you look at something funny and that makes you laugh. Think about a comedy, a podcast, a short film on youtube or book. Or maybe it is talking to your neighbor who by his self can fill a comedy theater.


This one is almost in all our personal growth steps and that has a reason, being grateful is one of the most powerful behaviors that have an positive effect on your mind, on how you perceive the world and how you perceive yourself. It will put everything in perspective and makes you enjoy your life on a whole new level.

Just think about 3 things that you are grateful for before you got to sleep and when you wake up, write them down. And to give your self esteem an extra boost, think also about 3 positive things you have done that day and write them also down the next morning.

Well, what are you waiting for.....start already. before you know it you will stand in front off that mirror thinking “Wauw what a wonderful person is looking at me…ohh hell that is ME!

These 5 things helped and still help me out a lot. Just find out what works for you, there are so many more things you can do that really make a difference. I’m working on a more scientific blog about self love and how to achieve it….maybe it will become more an e-book if I look at the length of it already, but there you will find everything there is on self love and achieving it. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to our newsletter.



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