World Explorers


"over de mooie wereld die er nog is

maar alleen omdat zij er was."


exploring the world


a story of a family who chooses to live a free and alternative lifestyle

in love with the world

The sentence we quoted is from a dutch poem called "oude gezichten" written by Rutger Kopland. Translated to English the sentence means: "about the beautiful world that is still here, but only because she was already there." To us, this sentence stands for the changing world and the destructions by men. We want to see all the wonders of nature before they change for the worst and want to be part of the change for the better. This is one of the reasons why we travel around the world.

Digital World Map
march 2019 - Valencia
Valencia - Sant Antoni de Portmany,

First long crossing as a sailing family

Start 07:08 AM

Arrival 05:22 PM

Wind 18-26 kts

Average peed  7,6 kts

Distance 87 NM

Portinax, Ibiza - Calla Egos, Mallorca

First night sail as a sailing family

Start 05:44 PM

Arrival 08:24 AM

Wind 11-26 kts

Average peed  6,2 kts

Distance 57 NM

 Mahone, Menorca - Alghero, Sardinia

Currently our fastest crossing as a sailing family

Start 05:56 PM

Arrival 05:39 PM

Wind 19-28 kts

Average peed  8,7 kts

Distance 207 NM

Olbia, Sardinia - Ponza, Ponza

First 2 nighter crossing as a sailing family

Start 09:44 PM

Arrival 06:21 AM

Wind 11--42 kts

Average peed  6,2 kts

Distance 198 NM

 Amalfi, Amalfi Coast- Stromboli, Stromboli

First crossing with wind stops as a sailing family

Start 04:33 PM

Arrival 03:21 PM

Wind 0,0-14 kts

Average peed  2,9 kts

Distance 71 NM

Street of Messina, Sicily - xxx, Greece

First multiple day crossing as a sailing family

Start xx:xx AM

Arrival xx:xx PM

Wind xx-xx kts

Average peed  xx,x kts

Distance xx NM

but never know where the wind
will blow us in the end
2019 - MED

In the first week of September we are off to Greece.

Last year we fell in love with the amazing Islands we visited and especially Nisyros and the people who live there. During September & October we wil further explore all the Islands of Greece ones we have and ones we haven't seen yet.

We will visit Turkey and her beautiful west southern coast along the way and have planned to stay the winter in Israel.

We are making the rough planning coming days with also the longer passage. You are welcome to join as all these amazing people in our Guestbook who have been part of our journey around the world already.

this was the plan for 2019

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched -- they must be felt with the heart."


2019 - the Mediterranean

Our journey starts in the Mediterranean, more specifically in Valencia. During the year we will sail and discover the beautiful countries, coastlands and islands around the Mediterranean sea. We don't have a set agenda and only a rough route, we just have to see where the wind will blow us.












First stops were: Ibiza & Formentera

Currently: Greek Islands

Plan end of 2020: Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean