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For 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs that want to not only thrive in business but in every facet of their lives. our one-on-one coaching of 6-12 months starts at € 36k

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You've mastered the art of navigating the entrepreneurial arena. Your business ventures have been a resounding success, and perhaps you've even charted the path of selling one or more. In the realm of your career, you've fulfilled your ambitions and reached heights most only dream of. But you're not content with success confined to the professional sphere.

You're a high achiever, yearning to bring balance to your ambition and success across every facet of life. You're not just looking to play the game but to reinvent it entirely, to create a life that transcends the norms of your entrepreneurial peers.

" Your inner strength is your outer foundation.

- Allan Rufus

In essence, you want to live more in line with all your desires, express your ambitions in all facets of life, and create a masterpiece of your life.

You want to be a life artist.

In this journey, you are looking for someone who triggers, guides, and supports you while you find your new way of life. One that is next to your mentor and coach simultaneously, a friend.


starts at € 36K

Our coaching program are not about to-do lists and standard how-to guides. We hold you in high regard, confident that your business acumen far surpasses the ordinary. We assume you already possess a certain level of knowledge concerning mindset and personal growth. This program is tailored for established business owners, including those who have recently sold their ventures.


This is for those who seek:

  • Absolute Clarity: You're driven to uncover your deepest desires across every facet of life, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life: You expect tangible improvements in the quality of your life within a matter of weeks, not years.

  • Real Transformations: Each month, you anticipate real, substantive transformations that elevate both your personal and professional worlds.

  • High-End, Quality Service: You demand a level of service that aligns with your high standards, delivered with excellence.

  • Personal and Dedicated Attention: You thrive on personal and dedicated coaching, tailored to your unique journey.

  • No-Nonsense Approach: You prefer a no-nonsense, direct approach—cutting through the clutter to focus on what truly matters.

  • Courage and Expansion: You possess above-average courage and an appetite for self-awareness-expanding surprises that challenge your comfort zone.

  • Sparring Partner: You value having a sparring partner who pushes you to excel and reach new heights.

  • Tough Love: You're not faint-hearted; you welcome and thrive on tough love when it leads to personal growth.

  • Holistic Success: You understand that success transcends financial achievements and encompasses all aspects of life.

In essence, this coaching program is designed for individuals of exceptional courage and ambition, those who appreciate the finest luxuries but also cherish the simplicity of life's basics. You recognize that when your overall state of mind elevates, it directly influences not only your business outcomes but also the quality of your life.


Success, to you, is an intricate tapestry woven from various threads, including but not limited to business and finances.

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