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Welcome to The List' -an exclusive and intimate mailing list tailored for those committed to embarking on a journey to make of life a masterpiece. If you transcend mere success and redefine ambition by itself, then this is for you. 


Prepare to step into a world unlike any other- a thoughtfully designed space where every detail is geared towards giving you the time and freedom to think, move, create, grow, meet, share, and dance. It's an invitation to reconnect with what you genuinely love and desire.

'The List is a gathering of extraordinary individuals like yourself - seasoned entrepreneurs with 7. plus-figure businesses or scale-up entrepreneurs with an unwavering ambition to reach those heights.

If you know or feel you are a fit, we welcome you to join 'The List' for exclusive invitations to our surprise signature events - ALL INVITATION ONLY..

To guarantee our events are tailored to you, we make sure that everyone on The List fits the profile. We do this by planning a call with every one who joins and see if the match is right.


We know all of the great individuals on 'The List' by name, by ambition, and by desires. 

We are strict with selection but compassionate, and welcoming.

Elevate your experience and join 'The List -where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Thanks for subscribing!

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