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Join us in our special podcasts, from mini-series to weekly episodes. You can find all of them below.

Podcast Main visual - mr & mrs Feel the Breeze.png
our 1 mio profit journey 2025

Our private podcast series where we document every step of reaching our goal of 1 mio euro in profit in 2025 started in December 2022 - unlimited access for € 600, email us to join.

Podcast Main visual - TINKER  The Story.png

Our exclusive mini-series dedicated to all the behind-the-scenes stories of the start-up TINKER - from being the next Uber in the airline industry to a bankruptcy.....coming soon.

Podcast Main visual - Career Tiger Gone Rogue.png

Rianne's Dutch podcast about self-growth, entrepreneurship, life art & motherhood. Raw vulnerable and insightful, for female entrepreneurs.....listen here​.

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