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let's elevate your entrepreneurial spirit, your business & your life

from start-up to thriving scale-up.

Your business and you are constantly evolving; you have a clear vision for yourself and your company that most don't dare to dream. Your business concept is disruptive and new, so the first year(s) you grew exponentially. Even though you and the business just survived the first year(s), you struggled through the grinding phase, and you persevered.

You built your key team or are ready to hire your first key team members—those who are so motivated to be part of your adventure, excited and motivated by your vision for the future. They just want to be part of it.

You've reached a point where you are ready to bring everything to a new level. You want to grow sustainably, pay your employees good salaries, and create a business that can withstand drops in the economic markets. Your business needs to be flexible, creative, and innovative enough to find new ways to expand.

Your strong growth ambitions mean that you need to grow again in the team, in revenue, in capital, in quality, in processes, in customers—in everything. This growth needs to keep going for the coming three years and needs at least one but probably several investment rounds

You dare to invest, to take risks, and you're actively seeking balance. To bring your business concept to the next phase of your vision, you need (more) external money, investors, but mostly a new transformed version of you, one that can carry this success and the responsibilities that come along with it.

You feel alone, even though your founding partner is one of your closest friends. You're looking for mentoring outside the scene you are currently moving in. You want to be inspired and ensure that your conditioning doesn't impact your decision-making. You want to carry your success graciously. You want more balance and bring success outside of your start-up to all levels of life.

Family and friends didn't always understand, and the more you and your business grow, the bigger the gap. You have other start-up entrepreneurs in your direct circle but you are looking for a different kind of crowd to uplift and challenge you.

You're looking to surround yourself in an environment with peers that are inspirational, vulnerable, motivational, and innovative, those that have a different view on life and transcend the mere success of their business —a place where you create and grow together, where there is no competition, no ego, but filled with equality and self -growth.

For Whom

This program is for founders of a start-up that have:

  • A proof of concept (meaning sold products/services)

  • A (Management) team

  • Revenue of € 250,000 plus

  • Ambitious in all facets of life

  • Strong interest in self-growth

  • Eager to learn

  • Open for feedback

  • Dreams big in life

Investment: This program is a commitment of 3 years with an investment of €10,000 per year or €1,000 per month (ex VAT) per person.


What will you get:

  • 12 group coaching sessions per year

  • Yearly in-person event of 3 days

  • Monthly exclusive interview with a seasoned start-up entrepreneur

  • Live Q&A's

  • Special workshops & masterclasses around investor relationships, intuitive leadership, team building, guerrilla marketing campaigns, bootstrapping, personal transformation, AI, etc., all curated for founders

  • a unique network and bond with your peers, those who feel like your sorority or fraternity 

  • and more


If this resonates with you, we invite you to plan a call to ask all your questions and to see if we and THRIVE are a match.

In April, we start the selection.

The program starts at the end of May.

“The only way to deal with life's challenges is to follow your heart, blaze your own trail, and create your own story."

- Rianne & Gerben

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