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entreprenerial couples


Being an entrepreneurial couple makes life tremendously beautiful but also quite challenging. We know this from 7+ years of experience and running 4 businesses together. It takes a different approach to running a business as a couple. We understand that, and with our 10+ years experience in coaching self-growth and 20+ years experience in running 7-figure businesses, we are here to help guide you to success on all levels of life.

As an entrepreneurial couple, your business is a huge fundament of your whole life. even more than with any other entrepreneur. And as that fundament is so important and dictates to a certain extent your love relationship (this should be as little as possible of course) you need to be very clear on what your business is about and that it aligns with what you both desire from life.


One of the most important strategies to have in place is your EXIT. One of the first questions of every experienced investor is: what is your exit strategy? 

So in the upcoming FREE masterclass, we help you in creating one or fine-tuning the one you have.

For anyone who has a business, they should also have an exit strategy, otherwise, you have nothing more than a job.....

EXIT STRATEGY if you and your partner have no (clear) exit strategy, AND have the ambition or already reached a 7-figure revenue, you are welcome to join our masterclass.

In the masterclass, we will dive deep into exit strategies and how you can let them work for you, your business, and your personnel. At the end of the session, you will have a clear and personal exit strategy, the next steps to implement, and a vision of what to do 'after'.

An energizing and fun morning filled with inspiring and like-minded entrepreneurial couples.  

Ready to get real on your exit strategy? To dream big AND have a realistic strategy to reach it?

Only 10 spots

You are registred for the masterclass!


Regularly we give free masterclasses for a select group of entrepreneurial couples. The spots are always limited to the first 10 couples that join, to guarantee personalized value, interaction, and real depth.


Next Masterclass:​

March 25, 2024

From 20:00-22:00 CEST

PS: make sure you make the masterclass as we reserve your spot. If you can't make it, email us at, so that we can give your spot to the next in line. With a no-show, you won't be able to join future masterclasses.

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