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Find below a selection of the reviews for our online programs.


"I can't speak of them highly enough."

Patrick W., a captain in the army in Australia, our first client of FREEDOM our mentor program (2020), FLOURISH our one-on-one coaching (2022), and THRIVE (2023).


A private weekly podcast and community where we share exactly what we are doing and how we are growing our profit towards 1.000.000 EUR in 2025. It lead to inspiration, actions and results for the listeners to set their own business goals and crush them. Want to experience it for yourself? Join our sneak peek for free today.


"An unvarnished version of the reality of running businesses....the podcast gives me inspiration to test, do and learn."

Tove is a wellknow and incredibly talented and extraordinary business coach, podcaster and author in Norway. One of the best in her country. She joined FREEDOM & 1 MIO PROFIT JOURNEY 2025 in 2022, and THRIVE in 2023.


"This is the most honest and raw combination of rational business leadership, spiritual flow and life. Very insightful for everyone who wants to step into an entrepreneurial life one day or think about it!"

Stephanie is an amazing coach the best in her niche of guiding managers through leadership and emotions on the workplace. She joined FREEDOM & 1 MIO PROFIT JOURNEY 2025 in 2022, and THRIVE in 2023.

FREEDOM our Mentor Program

One of our three signature programs, 6 months of guidance. Us as your mentor on your side to increase the quality of your life in all facets, to establish transformational change and lasting results, to create more freedom (in the mind, spirit, body, finances and society) and live inline with your deepest desires.


a question we asked previous participants, a selection of their aswers

"Yes! An absolute moment and quantum leap in personal development and joy. Life-changing for both me and my loved ones."

- Tove Ingulfsvann


Stephanie Orth 
certified business coach & CEO Shaping Open Minds - FREEDOM 2022

"It was a catalyst for my personal development! I don’t think that this kind of growth would have been possible in 6 months or even a year without the program. Through connection with like-minded people who are at a similar point in their life, I gave myself „permission“ to really explore what I want. Without the boundaries that society or your surrounding teaches you. This was the most freedom I felt in a very long time. This freedom allowed me to have the courage to this about entrepreneurship again and join THRIVE."


Jennifer Grieve
Private Chef, Nutrition Coach & Estate Manager - FREEDOM 2021

"It takes 6 months to change a life and I mean the lasting growth type change. It takes work and time to make those shifts sustainable. The Mentor Program is designed this way. It's up to the individual to walk their talk. Rianne and Gerben really do care about us. Their experiences in life, continual growth with their skill sets are meticulously set out in this program and honestly, just trust the process and the guidance these two wonderful human beings freely, honestly and with vulnerability give to us.......The Mentor Program - with each monthly session, its like consuming a nourishing, stimulating, sensual,  favorite meal to the point of addiction."


Carole Viaene
Director Non-Profit & MBA Leadership Coach - FREEDOM 2022

''Gerben and Rianne, their real life story and the program will provide you with the power to imagine your dream life, which we think is easy, but often isn't, and they will also help you to achieve those dreams, even if it's at times an uncomfortable process. The program allowed me to have life design conversations with my partner, which in the day to day routine, we often don't prioritize, but it's so special to have common projects and dreams. On top of all of this, it inspired me to leave a truly draining job, jump into the unknown which was super scary, and after only 4 months I've found my absolute dream job, I connected to my true purpose, and I've never been happier. Thank you so much!''


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